PartnerTech & @NanoLumens Mark Anniversary w/ New Project

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

NanoLumens, Norcross, Georgia-based manufacturer and marketer of indoor LED displays, and PartnerTech, systems integrator and contract mechanics manufacturer, are celebrating the third anniversary of a successful and expanding business relationship with the launch of a new initiative: the assembly of more than 22 indoor LED displays, ranging in size from 30’X17’ to 8’X8’, for the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

nanolumens_logo“NanoLumens has experienced exponential growth in large format indoor LED display solutions,” says Rick Cope, NanoLumens president and CEO.

“In anticipation of this accelerating market demand, we selected PartnerTech three years ago to serve as our contract manufacturing partner because of their demonstrated ability to rapidly scale production while maintaining expert cost controls and high levels of customer support. Nowhere is this more evident than in the work they are providing now on the I-X Center project, which is our single largest installation to date.”

NanoLumens management has always stressed that its products “are designed and assembled in the U.S..”

Both Cope and Gary Bruce, PartnerTech managing director, maintain that electronics manufacturing is making a huge comeback in the United States. They say that manufacturing is the U.S. translates to greater cost control and better service to customers.

“The cost of shipping from overseas has risen greatly over the last several years,”
says Bruce. “Productivity has declined in many countries in comparison to the U.S. while wages in those countries are rising.”

PartnerTech and NanoLumens have worked together since 2011 when PartnerTech first provided help with the production of NanoLumens’ indoor LED displays, and together they have completed projects for NBA basketball arenas, international train stations, flagship retail outlets, convention centers and more.

“As NanoLumens expands operations and brings on even larger scale and more complex orders we will rely even more on PartnerTech’s manufacturing expertise,” says Cope.

PartnerTech Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PartnerTech AB of Sweden.

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