Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


Nice screens in portrait mode with a SpotDAP speaker on top. The content is very good APART from three x scrolling tickers on the screen. The three screens cover Interviews, Weather (WHY? it’s wet today in Amsterdam and we only need to look outside to see the actual weather) and Sponsor messages.

The network is running on Microsoft Windows as visitors would have seen on a number of screens as they booted up and the odd BSOD.

Seriously; one year an event organiser needs to pay a good content creation house to do these digital poster sites properly. They are a great resource for show attendees but weather information? Scrolling tickers? They are good but can be done better.

I can feel a ‘sponsorship’ opportunity coming along for an organiser with these, along the lines of “content created and sponsored by Realisation” – let’s hope it happens soon at one show!

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