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View Your Biz in Palm of Your Hand

Ayuda Media Systems released Tuesday a new iOS App called the ‘Ayuda App‘ for OOH operators that includes location browsing of inventory on maps, photo sheets, proposal generation with TAB OOH Ratings, and a social-like news feed for what’s trending. 

List View [1]“Mobile first, cloud first.” commented Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Ayuda about the company’s new strategy. “Most of us use our phone and tablets more than our notebooks today. We’re thus living in a world where offering a great experience on an iPhone or iPad is more important than having a great desktop experience. We already have products like Juice and Splash that scale to devices because they use HTML5 adaptive layouts, but to really get it right, you’ve got to offer a native app.”

The Ayuda App version 1.0 includes two main functions: inventory browsing, and a Facebook-like news feed.

initially developed for iPhone, we understand that Ayuda soon has plans to release an iPad version with an experience that takes full advantage of retina display, Ed.

News feed [2]

Andreas told us “Some digital OOH locations in New York cost $150,000 a month for an 8 second spot, and sometimes the account executive takes the buyer to see the location before buying it. With the Ayuda App, the account executive can pull out their phone and show the buyer photos of past campaigns, maps, rates, TAB OOH ratings and email the client a location list or proposal right there on the spot, thus leaving a useful trail of the conversation.”

This app is no doubt aimed at account executives working for OOH companies that are running the Ayuda Platform BUT the app surely acts as a placeholder for more to come.

Map View [3]

Andreas stated “In the coming 12 months, we’ll continually add more functionality to this app. What we would like is to one day arrive at a point where the functionality on the app has feature parity with the functionality in Juice and Splash, our core products for OOH sales, inventory and scheduling. In order to survive in a world where devices rule our lives, you need both an HTML5 Web application for notebooks and a native app for tablets and phones, and our game plan is to make both platforms equally rich in functionality as each other.”

Soupliotis compared this move to Microsoft’s decision to release Microsoft Office on the iPad: “Satya Nadella gets it – he released Office for the iPad as a companion app to Office on the desktop. We’re following a similar strategy with the Ayuda Platform by releasing this companion app.”

The Ayuda App is being offered at no charge to existing clients, and is available for iPhone today in the Apple Appstore.