A ‘Genius’ Approach 2 #InternalComms in a BYOD World

Guest Contributor, Chuck Gose

Usually the best advice is timeless. Look both ways when crossing the street, err, golden!

Last year (2013), I attended Melcrum’s Digital Communications Summit. One of the biggest takeaways was a small bite from John Stepper, MD Social Media and Collaboration at Deutsche Bank.

Smart internal communicators know that the mobile device is both the now and the next frontier for them to conquer BUT with so many companies adopting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture, communicators tend to feel that these (private devices) might be off limits for employee communications.

This is not true at all. Think of how many of us, are more than happy to use our own mobile devices for personal and business reasons. It’s easier and few want to carry around a personal device and a business device.

In John’s session, he talked about Deutsche Bank’s transition to BYOD. It was great that the company offered employee access email and calendar tools (obviously) on said devices but they also offered access to the intranet and shared documents – all from an employee’s own iPhone or iPad. Here’s the rub; he pointed out that many employees didn’t even know this access was allowed, existed, or how to use it.

The solution? Copy from Apple’s Genius Bar approach and set up sessions to teach employees how to access the information and even get them all set up. The approach is simple and powerful and achieved great results.

Watch the video to hear John tell the story.

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