Go Figure, Unhappy Giant TV For QSR

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s unclear to us how the news ‘Mood Media Signs Major Franchise Group to New Digital Signage Solution Designed For Quick Service Restaurants’ reported in Monday’s WSJ, without (a) mention of a name AND (b) when it is in all likelihood an existing customer is actually ‘news’ at all.

Latest TechBased on the rest of the opening paragraph in the Mood Media Corporation (TSX:MM/ LSE AIM:MM) press release, we quote “the new agreement also extends its services for music and drive-thru maintenance for more than 150 locations” – implies to us a franchisee with 150 stores that ALREADY was a (Mood Media) music and service customer.

Choosing the so-called Mood product for a QSR rollout is about as ‘stupid is as stupid does’ you can get.

There are only a handful of QSR solutions that you ought to consider; Real Digital Media, Scala, Signagelive, STRATACACHE and perhaps one or two others.

2 Responses to “Go Figure, Unhappy Giant TV For QSR”

  1. Jim Vance Says:

    Adrian, Kudos for the comments. It all seems very odd.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jim Vance, http://www.datacalltech.com

  2. David Van Epps Says:

    Hello Adrian;

    I’d be more than happy share the specifics around the service that Mood is providing for this client.

    The client is a franchisee of a top 3 hamburger chain in North America. While it would always be our preference to release more details in a press release of this type, many of our contracts prohibit the use of a client’s name related to PR. Everyone in the business has had to creatively manage through this problem before. Mood is no different.

    The press release clearly stated that Mood was providing an in dinning room entertainment program that we call Mood TV and had nothing to do with digital menu boards at QSR locations which as you so clearly point out is a segment of the industry with many capable competitors. Mood currently provides it music services as well as drive-thru headset maintenance for this long time client, so yes, this was an existing customer (one of more than 300,000 Mood already serves in the US).

    When you poke “the bear with the pen”, it’s fair to expect dismissive, cynical write-ups with humorous pictures of cobbled together systems. You made it very clear to me one on one that the DailyDOOH wasn’t interested in anything Mood had to say. That’s fair and your absolutely right, but I’d always welcome the opportunity to share our progress in the digital signage industry. It’s a bit out of touch to suggest that Mood’s solutions aren’t up to the task. I’ve seen many of these competitive solutions myself and can assure you that I’d stack our digital signage offers against anyone in the industry’s

    You’ll be seeing many more of these DOOH press releases from Mood in the coming weeks and I’ll watch with interest to see your unique spin.

    I wish you continued success with the Daily DOOH and I continue as an avid reader.

    Kind Regards,
    David Van Epps
    Global Chief Product Officer and
    EVP of Local Sales for North America

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