#2014SignExpo Show Me The Money

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Daniel Parisien, vice-president product and strategic planning at BroadSign International Inc., Montreal, got the day-long session entitled Dynamic Digital Signage on Wednesday’s Educational Day prior to #2014SignExpo off to a good start with his talk ‘Show Me the Money: How network operators can succeed at selling advertising’.

DP at 2014SignExpo

Among the points he made were:

  1. “The three factors that I believe are bringing digital signage to new heights and making the medium profitable for brands, advertisers and your network are: Android, the print to digital transition, and programmatic ad buying.”
  2. “Along with the LCD’s rise above plasma, the Android revolution of PC-based alternatives will be seen as the biggest shift-causing trend in the digital place-based and digital out-of-home industries. Its appealing cost and reliable performance aside, Android brings remarkable potential to increasing the effectiveness of digital signage as an innovative and engaging medium of communication.”
  3. “DOOH is no longer a trendy new niche tucked into a broad industry. Instead, it is acknowledged and taken seriously by suppliers and advertisers. In fact, market studies are indicating that the digital component is a primary reason for the OOH industry’s steady and rapid growth.”
  4. The Harvey Media Matrix, first presented by JCDecaux UK’s Tim Harvey at DailyDOOH’s October Thought Leadership Summit, grades campaigns on a two-dimensional spectrum. One dimension designates the approach to presentation, while the other specifies the method of audience engagement. When the dimensions are woven together, the matrix illustrates the possibilities of conventional signage in the top row versus those of digital signage in the bottom two.”

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