Zooming In To Reach Consumers On The Path To Purchase

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Zoom Media & Marketing, New York-based fitness digital media company, recently collaborated with Nielsen to better understand the Path to Purchase habits of the ZoomFitness audience (more than 16 million health club members in the US and Canada).

Research collected in Fall, 2013, from Nielsen’s On Location demographic study of the ZoomFitness network found that 83% of health club members visit a retail location at least once per week within two hours of their workout.

When asked to recall the last week and then list which retail locations patrons visited within two hours of any gym visit, grocery stores yielded the highest incidence at 70%, while 54% of respondents reported visiting a convenience store or gas station. Over one third (34%) of fitness consumers went to a drug store or pharmacy, and more than a quarter (26%) of respondents said they had visited a big box store, such as Target or Walmart.

“Our venues are right on the line of these consumers’ Path to Purchase,” says Tom Link, Zoom’s senior executive vice-president. “Health clubs are an important environment for advertisers to connect, influence and motivate the fitness audience to purchase their product before they go to retail.”

The Nielsen custom study also reported that the average gym visit is 78 minutes long and that fitness patrons reported an average of three gym visits per week.

The health club custom measurement consisted of an on-site recruitment for an online survey. Postcard invitations with survey web address were distributed randomly among all visitors 16 years of age or older as they exited statistically selected health clubs. Data collected in the online survey consisted of questions regarding respondent visit including arrival time, areas visited, dwell time, media engagement, time spent viewing/listening, frequency, demographics and psychographics.

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