#2014SignExpo Glantz Dynamic Solutions

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

To me, the most exciting exhibitor in the Digital Zone at #2014SignExpo this year is definitely Glantz Dynamic Solutions – not because its booth display is particularly eye-catching, but because of the remarkable growth of this company in the digital signage sector from a year ago.

Dennis Wells

Dennis Wells

Last year, N. Glantz & Son, the 108-year old sign company now headed by the fourth generation of the founder, had a small, but active booth showing that it was serious about getting into the digital signage sector.

And, wow, after a year of solid planning, Glantz Dynamic Solutions, is now – or will be after May 1 – a full turnkey operation. On May 1, the last piece of the puzzle will be operational when it launches its Ultimate Content Cloud, offering clients the ability to search and pull via its Media Browser over 50 million images, videos, illustrations and music to use as their screen content.

I had the ‘Ultimate Content Cloud’ demonstrated for me, and it definitely looks like an easy way to develop an attractive screen with just about any content that one would want. All assets are on a royalty-paid basis from a host of services worldwide. The client never pays until the content is actually used, giving time to play around with what you want and even store files for later use. And it’s available for everything from a single display to a full network.

The per use charge is low, somewhere between $100 and $115 per finished video. And there is even a section for easy searching of , seasonal possibilities, popular end-user possibilities and more.

“We put planning in place for almost a year and then picked partnerships, for example Insteo for software, and now can offer a full turnkey operations,” says Dennis Wells, COO of Glantz Dynamic Solutions.

Target audience, of course, is mainly sign shops , but I foresee Glantz – which took a booth this year of more than double last year’s, Ed, becoming a solid player in the industry.

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