#2014SignExpo Vantage LED Working With SM Infinity

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

At #2014SignExpo we had a quick chat with Paul Martin, director of marketing at Vantage LED, Corona, California, and discovered that he’s also the project director and co-founder of SignVine, (digital signs for non-profits via crowd funding) that we wrote about earlier this month.

Martin told us that Vantage has been working since Nov., 2012, ‎with SM Infinity, which offers cloudware for digital advertising.

“It allows you to use any Internet-connected device to control content,” said Martin. “It also allows to create and send custom messages from your iPad to your LED sign. If you buy your hardware from Vantage, you get a one-year subscription for free.”

Vantage will be one of the companies doing installations for the World Soccer Tournament in Brazil.

“We’ll be doing five 20’ x 40’ displays for festival events that will allow people to see the games via connected live video,” said Martin. “We’re hoping that this might also lead us to doing some work for the Summer Olympic Games.

“And we’re here at #2014SignExpo because we are interested in educating the sign industry about digital signage and how they can use it.”

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  1. Paul Martin Says:

    The link for SM Infinity is: http://www.sminfinity.com. Thanks Gail for the quick mention.

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