#2014SignExpo @GoAskCody (Intriguing Wayfinder Solution)

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Ask Cody Inc., a company from Aalborg, Denmark, has entered the North American market with the aim of deploying its indoor wayfinding screens in office buildings, colleges and universities, and hospitals.

Henrik Ball, Gail Chiasson

Henrik Ball, Gail Chiasson

We’ve seen a lot of wayfinding displays through the years, and this one is definitely worth a look.

“Ask Cody can help companies and its employees to use their meeting rooms efficiently,” says Henrik Balle, president, Ask Cody Inc. (North America), who is based in Atlanta. “It can help students find their class – or if they forget which room their class is in, it can help them by subject matter – and direct them to the correct elevator to get there.”

It’s a smart phone based indoor navigation tool, working with an app or QR code. The cloud-based platform makes it easy to search for events.

“In a hospital, it can direct people to the department they want, a meeting room, and more,” said Balle, who demonstrated the various possibilities of the product. And, of course, you can carry away a map of what you saw on the screen on your smart phone.”

Ask Cody was founded three years ago and is now also launching with partners in the U.K., Norway, Sweden, Ireland, as well as North America and more.

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