London Digital Signage Week @ScalaInc Retail Forum

Andrew Neale

Scala really seem to have got the bit between their teeth with regard London Digital Signage Week and not content to run a couple of tours, a partner dinner AND their International Scala Conference that week, have also organised a select invitation only Retail Forum.

Titled ‘How to win the Digital In-Store Communication Race‘ the event, being held on Thursday 15th May 2014 starting at 10am, is fully focused on the latest digital in-store communication concepts.

Two items of special interest:-

  • Learn from Argos, Tommy Hilfiger, TUI and Tesco Brands and retailers are faced with the challenge of continually renewing themselves in order to secure the loyalty of their existing clients and to attract new customers. Inspiring case study presentations will offer innovative leadership perspectives on trends that are really delivering positive outcomes; trends that have resulted in the transition of Digital In-Store Communication from a ‘Special Projects’ budget to an absolute requirement in the store planning phase. Attendees will learn how retailers like Argos, Tommy Hilfiger, TUI and Tesco are using digital signage to interact with their customers.
  • ‘The Data Connection’ – Connecting and Optimising Customer Experiences Today’s consumers don’t really think about the ‘Omnichannel’. They simply expect to be able to shop whenever, wherever, and however it suits them. Marketers trying to accommodate this expectation need to understand what works, what doesn’t, and where to go next. Creating a cohesive, relevant customer experience is about using data and analytics to optimise digital content across all devices and channels.

The Scala Retail Forum Programme starts at 10am, closing at 1:30pm with lunch.

Interested parties can contact Saskia Savelsbergh at

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