Stimulate Spending And Get Consumers Excited

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Note on closed shop in Henley on Thames

Note on closed shop in Henley on Thames

The MONOCLE magazine is always a good read and we have lauded it many times before here on DailyDOOH. However for all those involved in retail the April 09 (issue 22 – volume 03) is a MUST read. ‘The elements you need to stimulate spending and get consumers excited‘ on the front page is simply a great common sense list…

  • 15% Service-minded, smartly dressed enthusiastic staff
  • 15% Obsessive attention to detail
  • 5% A memorable welcoming scent in the air
  • 5% Good music in the background
  • 5% Flattering lighting
  • 5% Treats with all purchases
  • 5% Impeccable packaging
  • 5% An inviting facade
  • 15% a unique, original product mix
  • 25% A passion to constantly innovate
  • 0% Attitutide

Much of the rest of the magazine is handed over to their GLOBAL SURVEY looking at the state of retail – most importantly looking at the smartest shopkeepers, the best buyers, the happiest customers and sharpest ideas on the street, in the aisles and online (not surprisingly most of these seem to be found in Japan).

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