Digital Caddies’ Ad Platform gets @LiveRail

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Scottsdale, Arizona-based Digital Caddies Inc., offering on-course delivery of technology services and content to golfers, has added LiveRail to its advertising platform.

Solely focused on online video advertising, LiveRail offers a programmatic platform that enables publishers to sell their inventory more efficiently across all devices.

“LiveRail provides industry-leading real-time technology, at scale, which allows advertisers to efficiently reach Digital Caddies’ desirable audience, The Players Network,” says Mike Loustalot, president of Digital Caddies. “Through LiveRail’s platform, buyers can specifically target The Players Network and its highly affluent demographic.”

Digital Caddies has installed its system on approximately 5,000 golf cars across the U.S. Once a golf course is equipped with the touchscreen tablets, golfers enjoy a variety of useful applications and services including GPS-based course navigation, aerial green views, accurate yardages to landmarks and on-course messaging.

Digital Caddies’ tablets install easily on golf cars and connect wirelessly to the Web through Sprint’s nationwide 3G network, providing the golf course a broad portfolio of real-time course management tools via GPS-based car tracking and communications. These tools enable course operators to improve the golfers’ experience, manage pace of play and increase merchandise and concession sales via real-time promotions.

Golf courses benefit from reduced operating costs by better tracking golf car inventory, managing driver behavior and forecasting agronomy issues.

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