Litefast 360 degree LED at ISE

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


ISE of course was full of screens; LCD, PDP, LED, rear projection – large and small. There were a couple of curved screens and this circular 360 degree LED shown above from Litefast.

On the whole we thought that the content on all the screens at the show was generally poor – not the quality you understand but what images were chosen to be displayed. Manufacturers, probably the techies and the engineers seemed to choose a random selection of images which they thought showed off the screens to best effect. The problem was that their was little cohesion, no message, no call to action and NOTHING to attract potential customers.

What caught our eye initially on the Litefast stand was not the impressive 360 degree display BUT the (pretend) airport information (as shown abive). It really stood out amidst all the screens displaying birds, cats, wild animals, cars and film clips.

At a glance you saw the screen and thought “ah! that’s what you could use it for”. We think that the screen exhibitors forgot who they were selling to.

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