ISE vs Screen Expo Europe

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We think that Screen Expo Europe distinguishes itself from ISE by the former’s general adoption of all things “Digital Out of Home” – as opposed to ISE’s more AV, Big Screen and Display Solution approach (Digital Signage is a very recent addition to ISE).

We were surprised (but pleased) that several Digital Signage companies decided to exhibit at both events – folks like Scala, C-nario, Remote Media and Cisco (to a degree) but noticed that other suppliers to the industry, folks like Trumedia, Bluefox and Wututu have decided to be solely at Screen Expo (the latter using it to officially launch their new product).

Screen Expo will also see the very innovative Network Owner’s Pavilion (something we were instrumental in helping put together in the early days) and it will be great to see so many Digital Out of Home screen networks in one place at the same time.

All screen / display / signage event organisers should take note of Christian Vaglio-Giors’s comment on shows in our CEO SPOTLIGHT published this week…

Digital Screen Networks are noticeable by their absence at …. shows around Europe at the moment, what would it take for Neo Advertising to be at a show and what sort of show should it be?

“I am extremely happy to see that our market is gaining more and more momentum as illustrated by the growing number of shows and events that are taking place every year…..The ideal show is the one that could gather under the same roof, media planners, media buyers, advertisers and retailers – not easy an assignment”.

Let’s see if the Network Owner’s Pavilion meets some of those needs. We will tell you what we think that’s for sure!

Content companies will be represented in a number of ways at Screen Expo (we don’t think we saw one content company at ISE) both on the show floor in the dedicated Content area and in initiatives like the one that our friends over at AKA.TV have put together.

The AKA.TV Content Gallery will showcase footage supplied by a cross-section of international content vendors and networks. Companies will include :




We think that the gallery is going to be phenomenal although there is going to be a helll of a lot to take in, in one go – luckily AKA.TV have promised to put it online after the show.

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  1. Mark Pigou Says:

    Interesting comment from Christian as it sums up what we are trying to achieve with Screen Expo Europe.

    Historically there has not been a compelling reason for media buyers and advertisers to attend the show but we are determiend to work very hard in this direction. The new Network Owners Pavilion and Digital Gallery features are major, and unique for any show, steps in this direction but we do need the network owners to buy in and participate. We have invested heavily in makretng to this audience but are ready to do more with more support from that community.

    It will be interesting to see what happens at the show and we look forward to working with all parties to continue the growth curve for the event and increased participation from this key audience. We must all work together to achieve this.

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