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JCDecaux ‘Walls Of Video Screens’, Toulouse Airport

JCDecaux Airport France has won a 7-year contract for indoor and outdoor advertising operations at Toulouse Blagnac Airport. The contract will begin on April 1 2009 and follows a consultation process by Toulouse Blagnac Airport.

Toulouse Blagnac is France’s fourth largest airport with more than 6 million passengers every year.

JCDecaux Airport, already responsible for managing indoor advertising at Toulouse Blagnac, focused its bid on innovation and has suggested the creation of walls of video screens, the use of exceptional billboard displays, a range of sponsored services for passengers, hotel information terminals and the development of experiential advertising.

Isabelle Schlumberger, Chief Executive Officer of JCDecaux Airport told us “We are delighted that Toulouse Blagnac Airport has decided to renew and extend its partnership with JCDecaux Airport, allowing us to share in the achievement of its new ambitions. This dynamic partnership will benefit our customers, who will enjoy access to long-term, high-quality advertising solutions in the upmarket environment of the airport.”

JCDecaux Airport’s well-designed and innovative advertising sites will enhance the environment of Toulouse Blagnac Airport’s new terminal (Hall D) that is scheduled to open in 2009/early 2010.

For the first time, JCDecaux Airport will also be managing advertising displayed outside the airport and will install high quality advertising networks in strategic locations.