What Exactly Is A Venture Execution Business?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We know what all the creditors (and litigators against) i-vu Corporation will think (and undoubtedly tell us) but what exactly is a Venture Execution business?

We ask only because we see that Mike Anstey, who at the time made such a big think about raising USD 40 million* for his business only to run it into the ground a few years later is now Managing Partner at Pilotlight.

He (Mike) describes that business as “Pilotlight is a Venture Execution business. We launch business ventures new and current for large companies around the world. Where traditional consultants finish we start!” on his LinkedIn profile.

*See My first million: Mike Anstey, I-Vu – MoneyWeek which explains how I-Vu took only six months to raise £40m from a group of private investors to fund expansion

2 Responses to “What Exactly Is A Venture Execution Business?”

  1. Dave Haynes Says:

    Well I know what execution squads do …

  2. Henry Weston Says:

    A quote from Pilotloght’s website:

    We know how to lower risk.
    We can help you gain greater surety about your expansion plans or investments.


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