We Interview Glanz.tv’s Imre Eszenyi

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Glanz.tv, based in McLean, Virginia, is on the move, solidifying its position as the key player in digital signage in Washington, D.C.,” says Imre Eszenyi, founder of the company.

Nationals Ad-L'EnfantAfter adding Mike DiFranza, CEO of Boston-based Otter Hill Advisors and former CEO of Captivate Network, to chair Glanz TV’s advisory board last spring, Eszenyi says that the board now also includes: Dr. Michel Wedel, who holds the Pepsico Chair in Consumer Science and Marketing at the Robert H. Smith School of Business; Kim Sarubbi, president, Saddle Ranch Productions and of PerCARE TV (and current chair of the Digital Signage Federation); and Robert Kettler, real estate developer and founder of the Washington D.C. area development company Kettler.

“They’ve been really key in helping Glanz TV focus on its growth strategy,” Eszenyi says. “We now have 75 digital advertising faces in the D.C. metro market. They range from 55” to 70” double-sided screens and are mainly in government building areas where there is heavy footfall. We offer our advertisers – mostly local – 75,000 eyeballs. Our screens are at eye-level, and we’ve purposely designed them to blend in with the architectural surroundings.”

Once he feels that the Washington area is solidified, likely by year-end, Eszenyi is eyeing several new markets. These will likely include Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston.

The Hungarian-born Eszenyi is also an investor in several other companies. And, as he told us last spring, he’s a great believer in advisory boards.

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