Transfer Window Latest: @Navori Gets @RonniGuggenheim

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

According to LinkedIn, it looks like the next sinecure for Ronni Guggenheim is as Managing Director / Geschäftsführer for Navori SA.

"Give us a job fatso" ... "Sorry Ronni, try Navori"

“Give us a job fatso” … “Sorry Ronni, try Navori”

This (we quote) “highly successful Global Company CEO & President with a proven ability to improve performance and revenue through effective Business Strategy and Sales Focus, with more then 20 years of executive experience in various segments and industries” was at Barix for less than a year (left August 1, 2014, joined October 1, 2013).

Whilst there was no mention of it at the time, we note his LinkedIn profile NOW says that he was ‘interim CEO’ at Barix. A quick call to Barix founder Johannes G. Rietschel would of course confirm whether he was on a permanent or interim contract and whether he was, in the end, fired or not.

Don’t people ever check references?

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