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New UK @Primesight DOOH Roadside Proposition

UK media owner Primesight has launched ‘Network’, something it describes as the only (UK) national digital OOH roadside proposition.

The roll-out which will enhance Primesights’s current digital portfolio will be executed in a number of phases and will begin with five panels across London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“Digital sites are a crucial part of our portfolio”, Primesight CEO Naren Patel said “Our clients have demanded a national network of digital panels and we are confident that we can meet this requirement. The decisions we made about the location of these sites were partly attributed to Route data which helped outline where sites should be evolved to digital or new ones should be created to provide the best ROI for our clients.”

Phase two of the roll-out, which is timed for later this year will see new digital panels in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle.

The company aims to have 50 digital panels across the United Kingdom by the end of 2015.