Fliphound Offers Easy Online Buying for DOOH

May 19th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

When I wrote recently that Fliphound‘s online buying and selling platform can now be accessed directly through Daktronics Visiconn Display Management Solution to provide seamless and automatic configuration of Fliphound for Daktronics display owners, it was the first time that I had dealt with that automated buying platform for the OOH industry.

IFSo it was great to meet up with Doug Robertson, Fliphound’s CEO and co-founder whom I had a chance to interview during the OAAA/TAB Convention and Expo last week. Prior to Fliphound, Robertson had worked for Motorola’s cable modem division, then went on to build software for pharmaceuticals used by 6,000 customers, and from there moved on to own Atomic Billboards with a partner in Wichita, Kansas.

Fliphound, located in Wichita and primarily focused on enabling new local and regional advertisers, was founded two years ago. It went online with its buying with three customers and now has a good 500 people using the system – 85% of whom, Robertson said, are new to outdoor.

“It’s basically self-service,” said Robertson. “It’s a solution with real time bidding, and 20,000 campaigns have already run on Fliphound.

“My thoughts were, ‘let’s break down the barriers and make OOH/DOOH easy for people to buy. Advertisers and agencies want to buy digital billboards the same way they buy internet and social media ads. The Daktronics announcement was critical to moving the industry forward. Fliphound has made online buying a reality for Daktronics display owners.

Fliphound Buy Online IMG_1021“We know that Lamar has built its own system, but only a handful of operators have the resources and ability to develop their own systems. With Fliphound’s one click integration, we’ve made it easy for advertisers of all sizes. We’re used by Wendy’s, by Dunkin’ Donuts, by local advertisers such as McCurdy Auction. Fliphound is focused on the local/regional ad market (which makes up 70-80% of OOH spend). A small advertiser can buy a couple of boards sitting home in the pyjamas. We can do dayparting. And we will offer fixed contracts.”

Robertson says that small businesses are already advertising online today, and digital billboards are another medium for online advertising that they can easily access to reach local markets. Fliphound makes OOH accessible to the 27+ million small businesses and 12,000+ advertising agencies in the US.

He said that Atomic, which has close to 50 boards, “did 0% of our business online in 2012 and 24% on line in 2014. all from pre-paid advertisers.

“Fliphound was first to market with a real-time buying solution in May, 2013; first to offer Day Parting to online buyers since Sept., 2014; and first to offer mobile application for online buyers – for both IOS and Android – since Jan. 2015,” said Robertson. “We are adding new customers every day, and we’ve found that, while a local advertisers might put a campaign on one board for a few days for maybe only $10, advertisers on average have purchased between two and six billboards for each campaign, and that they are spending approximately $300 to $700 a month. They like such features as being able to pause or stop a campaign; to budget by board or campaign; the abilities offered to choose and change boards or to swap and change content; and that they can receive online reports.

Fliphound Wendy's ad_DSC9123_01While Fliphound is initially targeting OOH digital billboards, the platform has the capability to serve smaller displays in the digital play space.

“Our initial focus remains enabling local and regional online ad buys on digital billboards since we believe there is a big opportunity here, given the rollout of digital billboards by the 2,000 billboard operators,” said Robertson. “That said, we have been approached by DOOH play space networks (campuses, doctors’ networks, etc.) and will consider an entry into this market after we establish a strong footprint in billboards. We see an opportunity with some of the transit-focused operators who have built out smaller poster display networks in some of the major metro markets.

“Keep your eye on us,” he said. “There’s lots more to come.”

Vector Media in Diversified Growth Mode

May 19th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Double-decker buses equipped with digital signage, taxi tops, street furniture recycling kiosks and a food truck network are all part of New York-based Vector Media’s current focus.

Gary Greenstein

Gary Greenstein

The 16-year old company which started off with traditional billboards and walls is now dealing in a mix of digital and traditional products far outside its original concentration.

I had a chance to meet Gary Greenstein, national sales director, in the sunny courtyard outside the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel and Convention Center during the OAAA/TAB Convention and Expo last week in San Diego.

The private company, one of the larger independent Out-of-Home companies in the US, is majority-owned by Bill Schwartz, CEO and managing partner. Greenstein and other management have shares in the company, where there is a staff of approximately 80 and six offices across the US.

Vector 1“We are the exclusive media representatives for the public transportation system in Las Vegas and the Nevada Valley,” Greenstein said. “We have 120 double-decker buses in that region and also represent double-deckers in 17 major markets across the US.. We also just moved into the Vancouver market in Canada, repping a couple of double-deckers there.

“We started adding digital signage on one side of a bus in New York a year ago, and now have three with digital, including one in Los Angeles. Increasing the number goes slowly because of the expense. It’s a huge investment, but we want to add many more. We’d like to have digital signage on double-deckers right across the country by the end of 2016.”

Greenstein says that, nationally, the double-deckers carry 20 million riders annually. Vector uses both beacons and Wi-Fi to measure who sees the digital ads – all anonymous, of course. It knows the type of people who see the ads, dwell time, social network tie-ins, and much more. Advertising can be according to day parts, and viewers can tweet social messages to them.

vector3Vector is the exclusive media rep of all the double-deckers, and those not yet equipped with digital signage carry static ads.

Among advertisers on the double-decker bus digital screens are American Airlines, NBC, and various Broadway shows, movie studios and TV networks.

“Some advertisers arrange to have the double-deckers with the digital screens to tie in with special events or experiential activitives, with assistance from VM2, our experiential division,”
said Greenstein. “For instance, when Shake Shack had its IPO, we had a bus parked outside the NY Stock Exchange and live-streamed the bell going off on the screen. Then the CEO made an announcement from the top of the bus, following which he and the staff took the bus on a custom route to visit every Shake Shack location in the area, distributing samples of the company’s burgers and shakes along the way.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVector also has buses with an internal digital sign ridership experience running on the Hampton Jitney bus line which takes high income riders back and forth between New York and the Hamptons (a three-hour trip). Of the 60 buses on the route, 45 are equipped by Vector with sponsored Wi-Fi and three or four screens with content that includes a safety video, in-ride entertainment, movies and ads.

Also in the transportation field, Vector has made agreements with about 6,000 privately branded food trucks across the US. to represent them for advertising. Some are now equipped externally with 60” TV screens for advertising and entertainment and can also be customized according to advertiser requests. For example, one recently used a holographic display with a laser to draw attention.

Vector also has several digital and static billboards in NY and Las Vegas.

vector4Taxi Tops are yet another business sector for Vector. Although none are digital – yet – Vector’s taxi top ads are seen in New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and San Francisco.

And if that’s not enough, Vector has gone green with its launch of street furniture kiosks. These have no screens but these aren’t ordinary kiosks. The first ones in Miami are solar illuminated, while those in New York, Chicago and Boston are using recycled solar energy. Three sides of each recycle unit is wrapped for advertising.

Vector partnered with the Downtown Manhattan Alliance for 150 solar kiosks within a 15 block radius of Wall Street. Chicago and Boston have 400 each, scattered throughout the cities. These not only compact the recycled material put in, but their ‘smart technology’ tells when they are full and contact the city via Wi-Fi when it’s necessary to have them emptied.

Scala Connects The Physical And Virtual Worlds @NECShowcase

May 19th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

One of the most beneficial things retailers can do is create a unified experience between their in-store and online worlds, and at this week’s NEC Showcase 2015, Scala will be focused on further enhancing the full package of retail, with coordinating tools and technologies with fact-based consumer insights, to build an engaging and memorable customer experience.

The NEC Showcase is taking place May 20-21 at the Vinopolis in London.

Among the solutions Scala is showing are:

  • Instore Re-Targeter
    When you walk into a store, the screens that are near to you automatically show products that match your personal profile and purchase history! By using beacon technology, it is possible to detect fact-based consumer profiles, derived from information in the customer database of the shop. Scala has created a solution using this customer information to display three different fashion looks, based on the consumer’s gender and age, on 84” portrait NEC screens. The customer can then choose a follow up action on their phone… send the outfit to a fitting room, make a buy or ask for the assistance of a sales associate.
  • Connected Café
    We’ve seen this one several times at previous shows over the past couple of years. Ordering coffee is now a breeze with the Scala self-serve application. There’s no need for ticket numbers anymore — once customers are in the vicinity of the stand, beacon technology will detect their presence and customers can place and transmit their orders to the Barista. When their coffee is ready, customers will be notified via phone notifications and their pictures will show up on the main display. No time lost waiting for your coffee.
  • Lift and Learn
    We’ve also seen this, but it’s also worth another look, since the product demo has changed. Transform your in-store experience right at the Point-of-Sale with Scala’s ‘Lift and Learn’ solution, featuring Adidas Golf footwear. Stretched LCD screens are used to not only entice customers, but also help them compare and learn more information about products. The ‘Lift and Learn’ display is connected to Scala Content Manager system, allowing retailers to make pricing adjustments instantly using POS data across their network from one central location.
  • Consumer Fling App
    In addition, Scala has created a mobile info application. By holding a smart phone near an beacon tagged product, the article info of that product will show up on the smart phone and the shopper can ‘swipe’ that information from their phone to a large playback screen and look at ’the bigger picture’.
  • Style Advisor
    Bring a seamless customer experience to your sales floor with the ‘Style Advisor’ interactive display. It works as an assistive selling tool that allows sales associates to trigger outfit styles on two stacked portrait screens from a tablet when customers approach the area. Outfit choices are relevant to customer gender and specific topics such as latest trends, casual basics or a black tie party. The sales associate app also provides additional product information, browses through other style options and help shoppers pick out clothes for the fitting room.
  • Heat Map
    By aggregating data streams related to customer movement with beacon technology, a heat map is generated and made available to management and staff showing where customers are spending their time in-store. This information gives store planners and managers critical information needed to further optimize planograms and resource planning, messaging, and operations.

NanoLumens Visualization Solutions At London Stansted Airport

May 19th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

London’s Stansted Airport has new on-site customer messaging capabilities thanks to the recent installation of a 39-foot (12 meter) NanoLumens large scale visualization solution that provides advertising space along with flight information and airport updates.

London Stansraed 1The massive passenger-engagement solution is the first curved screen to be installed at any airport in the United Kingdom. Airport advertising agency Eye Airports recently stated that the solution offers an unparalleled platform for advertisers to inspire and strongly engage with airport audiences.

With a second NanoLumens solution going up soon, this marks the latest in Eye Airports’ recently announced £8 million ‘Redefining Airports’ investment spanning London’s Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, Bristol and Newcastle Airports. The project aims to offer bold new digital opportunities for advertisers and is said to be the largest investment in UK Airport advertising this decade.

David DaCosta, NanoLumens EMEA managing director, says, “Airports have a unique need to deliver important information right alongside advertising to tens of thousands of people every day. By utilizing our one-of-a-kind technology, Stansted Airport is making it easier for their customers to find their flight information as well as providing an advertising platform that simply can’t be missed. The display’s curvature attracts the eye and stands as an interesting piece in itself, as people don’t often see such a large digital display, let alone one that curves along a wall.”

London Stanstead 2London’s Stansted Airport offers more scheduled European destinations than any other UK Airport and is currently the fastest growing major airport in the country serving over 20 million passengers each year. The gateway is currently undergoing a significant re-development with an £80 million terminal transformation project due to be completed later this year as part of a wider £260 million investment program.

ADXBA, a respected and established company within the aviation industry works directly with a number of airports along with various media owners and agencies. Due to its expertise, ADXBA was approached to design, fabricate and install the NanoLumens solution. Another facet to the project was creating a bespoke software management solution for Stansted airport allowing the display and control of both flight information and advertising content.

ADXBA’s in house software department worked closely with Stansted Airports IT department and EYE Airports to deliver this completely integrated digital solution.

Eye Airports & @Proxama Bring Beacon Tech 2 UK’s Busiest Airports

May 19th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

Proxama PLC (AIM: PROX) the international mobile proximity marketing, loyalty and NFC payments company, ahead of The DailyDOOH Media Summit, announced that it will work with Eye Airports to initially deploy 200 Bluetooth low-energy beacons across 8 UK airports including London Gatwick.

logo eye airports better stillSarah Parkes, Managing Director, Eye Airports told us “This commercial partnership with Proxama further underlines our positioning at the forefront of airport advertising technology. Location based marketing offers a direct way of engaging with consumers in high footfall areas, such as UK airports. As the consumer chooses to receive these messages, they feel more involved in the communication process and, most importantly, can specify who they want to receive offers from.”

Using Proxama’s proximity technology, the network of beacons will be used to deliver timely and targeted beacon notifications to passengers during periods of dwell time.

The partnership demonstrates the growing expansion of the Proxama Network as it continues to provide Out-of-Home owners such as Eye Airports the opportunity to deliver highly relevant content to consumers in areas of high footfall.

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#TheUltimateCanvas @Primesight Partners With @Talenthouse

May 18th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

Primesight has partnered with Talenthouse, the creative collaboration platform and community of artists across art, design, fashion, film, photography and music, to offer the world’s creative community the chance to showcase their artwork on coveted media space in the UK’s biggest cities.

#TheUltimateCanvas will see artists, designers, illustrators and photographers go head-to-head to create original artwork for Primesight’s 96-sheet billboards, the largest of the out-of-home formats.

Five selected artists will be chosen and each will be showcased in one of five sites across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol. A panel of judges from the advertising and media industries will make a decision on the best designs by the end of May. The panel includes Andy Tilley (CSO, Talon OOH), Mel Harvey (Creative Lead, Saatchi Masius), Nicola Thompson (Director of Media, Estée Lauder), Glen Wilson (Managing Director, Posterscope), Richard Jacobs (Marketing Director, Kinetic), Paul Sambrook (Business Development and Marketing Director, Rapport), Mark Craze (Chairman, OMC) and Chris Forrester (Managing Director, Primesight).

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Iowa Law Enforcement, Community Advocates and CCO Combat Human Trafficking

May 18th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc., together with local, state and federal law enforcement in central Iowa, have launched an out-of-home media campaign to combat human trafficking in the Des Moines region.

CCO Iowa billboard human trafficingFor the next four weeks, 30 Clear Channel Outdoor Americas digital billboards across Polk County are displaying educational messages about human trafficking that alert victims how to ‘get help to get out’ of the life, and enlist the help of citizens in the ongoing fight to end this crime.

Human trafficking is a form of slavery involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain. Traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to lure their victims, and force them into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Victims rarely come forward because they fear their traffickers and may also fear law enforcement, and many victims do not come forward due to language barriers.

In 2014, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline fielded 24 reports of human trafficking in Iowa, with more than half involving minors. Since 2007, the hotline has received reports of nearly 100 incidents.

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Rebranded NCM Highlights Moviegoer Targeting

May 18th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

National CineMedia kicked off its Upfront 2015 presentation with some branding of its own as NCM, with a new logo and feel for the cinema advertising network.

NCM-Logo-CorporateDesigned by NCM’s internal creative agency, the company’s new logo calls to mind the projected beam of light that delivers the magic of the movies onto the big screen, while the new positioning of NCM as America’s Movie Network reflects the company’s distinctive role in connecting brands with movies that shape US culture.

Cliff Marks, NCM’s president of sales and marketing, told its Upfront audience, “Movies drive the social conversation — they are woven into the fabric of our culture. As we looked more closely at the video universe in which we compete and the value we offer to our advertising partners, we asked ourselves, ‘Who are we? What is unique about the NCM value proposition to advertisers?’ And it became clear that NCM is America’s Movie Network — we’re one of the biggest players in the video advertising marketplace, we have the best content and engagement in the world, we are the top growth network for the Millennial audience, and we’re the #1 weekend network in the country. And, of course, everyone loves the movies, so today we plant our flag and claim our rightful place as America’s Movie Network.”

Marks also announced that E! host Maria Menounos has signed an agreement to be the new face of America’s Movie Network as the host of NCM’s FirstLook pre-show program, which reaches over 700 million moviegoers annually across a network of 21,000 screens covering 97% of all TV households.

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From The Street To the Seat, @ScreenvisionLLC

May 18th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

I couldn’t help thinking, when I interviewed Christine Martino, senior vice-president, national advertising sales for New-York-based Screenvision, that with the investments the theatre company is making, Martino has a whole new career in front of her.

IFShe certainly has a lot more to sell.

And that’s because Screenvision is investing heavily following the blocked merger with NCM, a move by the government that called a halt to the 10-month negotiations last November.

As a result, Screenvision received a payment of $26 million from NCM, funds that it’s now putting to good use.

In addition, some of the theatres that ‘make up’ Screenvision are also investing.

Shamrock Holdings is the major shareholder in the privately held theatre group – main competitor to NCM. Another shareholder, among others, is Carmike Cinemas, one of the largest motion picture exhibitors in the U.S.. Screenvision represents over 2,200 theatres and more than 14,000 screens. In addition to its N.Y. headquarters, national sales offices are also located in Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit, with local sales offices spread across the U.S..

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PATTISON Onestop Launches New Tech Platform To Deliver OOH Campaigns to Smartphones

May 18th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

PATTISON Onestop, a Toronto-based division of PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, has partnered with zappit, London, UK-based pioneer of mobile engagement technology, for the rollout of a new mobile-enabled advertising service called Engage.

Pattison Engage

PATTISON Onestop’s new proximity and mobile advertising platform will connect NFC, QR codes and SMS text interactivity with both its digital and static advertising displays. Marketers will be able to directly engage with consumers using their smartphones.

Using the power of its Out-of-Home media products, Onestop’s Engage will create an ecosystem that will bring rich, interactive experiences for instant brand engagement with consumers. With Engage, marketers will be able to create more relevant and personalized offers, and provide consumers immediate access to a variety of rich-media content such as video and gamification, social content and incentivized opportunities like couponing. Whether it’s a simple text message or the use of QR- or NFC-enabled smartphone, Engage will connect consumers to superb marketing opportunities.

“Engage will provide marketers the ability to adopt a more targeted and personalized approach to advertising,” says Cam Milne, vice-president and general manager, PATTISON Onestop. “We are incredibly proud to bring this innovative product to market, and we feel confident that it will create new opportunities for our many marketing partners across our network of digital products. Engage is an incredibly intuitive platform and a competitive edge for marketers to enhance consumer engagement that will allow end-users to immediately connect with campaigns with their smartphones. Further, it’s a platform capable of supporting high volumes of NFC, QR and SMS campaigns.”

Engage will also deliver real-time web-based data and reporting to marketers to help them monitor and evaluate the performance of their campaigns. It will allow marketers to virtually ‘reach through’ the digital display and engage with the consumer. As an add-on to any information or advertising campaign, Engage allows simple snap, touch or text interaction on a smartphone.

Engage is available on Digital Mall units, Static Posters and Video Wall Matrix units within Toronto’s PATH – a 30-km walkway consisting of shops, services and entertainment. Engage will deploy on Onestop’s Digital Mall Network at 22 locations on 169 screens, and create a network capable of reaching over 3.7 million people weekly. Plans for future expansion are under consideration.