Out of Home + Retail Tech Cocktails & Conversation

September 29th, 2015

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

During New York Digital Signage Week, on Wednesday November 4, Mark Boidman and his brethren at Peter J Solomon Company will once again hold host to, what has very quickly become the must-attend (and if evidenced by DailyDOOH’s editor-in-chief), the hardest cocktail party of the week to be invited to!

Out of Home + Retail Tech Cocktails & Conversation is being held at the PETER J SOLOMON COMPANY offices, 1345 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10105.

Carmanah Signs Presenting Digital Product Line At G2E 2015

September 29th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Calgary, Alberta-based Carmanah Signs Inc., the gaming division of STRATACACHE, is presenting an extensive lineup of digital signage experiences at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, running Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2015.

Carmanah Multi-Sensory-Video-Wall-ExperienceCarmanah’s largest attraction is the Multi-Sensory Video Wall Experience, which uses responsive design architecture to capture a player’s attention. From there the player can passively or actively interact with the display to explore a casino’s latest news and offerings in an immersive environment.

Carmanah is also displaying Digital Menu Boards, which generate higher impact and deeper engagement when displaying menu information. Carmanah’s menu boards use the robust ActiVia software to serve up a rich selection of digital content to influence players as they make purchase decisions.

Carmanah’s Sports Betting Kiosk uses ActiVia for Media software to network displays and tablets that visually engage players and help them place their bets quickly and efficiently, all while watching the current match.

Carmanah Digital-Menu-BoardsCarmanah’s Advanced Digital PlayStation uses a large attract screen together with a touch tablet to educate and simplify players’ experiences while purchasing lottery tickets. The attract screen shows game information, how-to-play content, as well as advertising local winners and cross-selling other lottery and retail products. The touch tablet combines high-resolution images with an easy to use interface that helps a player quickly play their chosen lottery game.

In addition to digital experiences, Carmanah is also displaying its two best selling products for the casino industry, the Vegas LCD Table Limit Sign, with optional LED-illuminated faceplate, as well as the ‘Petite’ LED-lit digital Table Limit sign. Both products have been very popular with Table Games Managers and Pit Bosses, with installations in hundreds of casinos around the world.

Carmanah has provided over 110,000 wireless jackpot signs for lottery retailers in 46 lottery jurisdictions. ItsLED and digital table game signage is installed in over 500 casinos on all five major continents, helping to inform, engage and retain casino players.

Carmabah Signs is exhibiting at Booth 2609 at G2E.

Alma LLC To Deploy DOOH Network w/ @BroadSign

September 29th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The largest outdoor advertising company in the Eastern European country of Georgia, Alma LLC, recently selected Montreal-based BroadSign International LLC’s digital signage software for the deployment of its digital out-of-home network.

BS Alma

Alma’s portfolio of digital displays is complementary to its traditional billboards and printing house. Four LED screens and LCD videowalls will be live before the end of 2015 as part of the initial deployment, located in Tbilisi’s city centre, East Point Mall and Tbilisi International Airport.

“We came across BroadSign at Integrated Systems Europe and opted to use their software platform due to its strong credibility in the industry and features that meet the needs of our DOOH network,” says Giorgi Trapaidze, CEO at Alma. “The implementation of informational and interactive capabilities is essential to providing our advertisers with the ability to run innovative and high quality campaigns.”

“We are very pleased that Alma, a national leader in traditional and digital out-of-home, has selected BroadSign’s platform for the deployment of such highly visible displays and are certain the robustness of our offering will ensure the network sets a high bar for DOOH in the Georgian market,” says Skip Beloff, vice-president of sales at BroadSign.

Alma has been a leading company in outdoor advertising market in Georgia since 1995. Until October, 2013, the company was known as ‘Alma Plus’. With its innovative approach, the company has laid the groundwork for the development of the Georgian outdoor advertising industry. Recently, the company was re-branded and diversified its products and services as it acquired an exclusive right for advertising at Tbilisi and Batumi international airports from Vellagio and took possession of DGM, the highest technology printing house in the whole Caucasus since 2002. Today, Alma owns billboards not only in Tbilisi, but also in other big cities of Georgia.

DSF ‘Coffee & Controversy’ Breakfast #NYDSW

September 28th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Digital Signage Federation, the independent not-for-profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry, will be hosting Coffee & Controversy – a Breakfast featuring a spirited panel discussion being held during New York Digital Signage Week on Tuesday, November 3 at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, 220 W. 44th St. in the heart of Times Square.

Coffeeandcontroversy Logo

Following the breakfast event, attendees are also invited to join a live installation tour of one of New York City’s newest digital signage installations. (Further details to follow.)

The DSF panel discussion, moderated by Ken Goldberg, DSF’s outgoing 2015 chairman, and CEO of Real Digital Media, Sarasota, Florida, will explore a number of topics related to technology, content and operations. The morning’s format will be rapid fire, possibly irreverent and will invite audience participation by providing a mobile voting app allowing those in attendance to weigh in after each topic. Audience results will be displayed in real time.

Attendees are also invited to suggest panel topics by tweeting to @DSFederation with the hashtag #CoffeeTopic. Topic authors will be identified as topics are posed to the panel, which will consist of:

  • Randy Dearborn, DSF 2015 vice-chairman, and vice-president multimedia technologies, MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas;
  • Phil Lenger, president and creative director, Show + Tell, New York;
  • Bryan Meszaros, CEO and founder, OpenEye, New York;
  • Tom Nix, CEO, Scala, Malvern, Pennsylvania.

The event will run from 8:30-10:15am. A breakfast buffet will be served starting at 8:30am and the panel discussion will start at 9:00am. Admittance is complimentary for DSF Members, $25 for non-members and will include the breakfast buffet.

Registration is available on the DSF website here.

#ff @philshow @openeyeglobal’ Bryan Meszaros @ScalaInc’s @tomnixnyc moderated by @NEOCAST & @DSFederation Chairman Ken Goldberg

NYC Transit Expands On The Go Travel Station Program

September 28th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

NYC Subway riders will soon have more information at their fingertips, as the On The Go Travel Station network of interactive kiosks expands to more subway stations across the sprawling network.

MTA NYC Transit, which operates the subway and bus network in New York City, and its partners OUTFRONT Media (NYSE: OUT) and Intersection will add more of the digital screens as part of an extension of the current program – originally due to expire at the end of 2015, the current licenses have been extended to December 31, 2016.

To date, OUTFRONT Media has installed 52 Kiosks in 15 stations and Intersection has installed 93 Kiosks in 15 stations – combined, these Kiosks reach more than 1.5 million average weekday riders in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan and Queens.

The On The Go Travel Station is an innovative communications tool that provides NYC Transit subway customers with information about their complete trip, from trip planning, elevator and escalator status, train arrival information, bus arrival information, service status and subway and neighborhood maps.

OTG Service Change

The Travel Stations offer customers an unprecedented amount of information accessible inside the subway system. The 47” interactive screen, which employs capacitive touch technology, is encased in a stainless steel kiosk located at subway station entrances, in station mezzanines and on platforms.

As part of this expansion, both OutFront and Intersection will add up to 90 more units each, bringing the potential total of machines up to 325 units from the current 145 units. As part of the program expansion Intersection, OUTFRONT Media and NYC Transit will work together to identify installation sites that would ultimately maintain current Kiosk fleet distribution ratios while prioritizing installation sites where Transit Wireless has completed installation of its cellular and Wi-Fi network.

Customer feedback to the digital screens has been favorable and the platform has won numerous awards for its innovative approach to incorporating way finding and other transit information in an interactive, digital signage format.

Commencing with the Q4 2014 edition, the On The Go Travel Station kiosk network is included in the Nielsen quarterly Place Based Video Report. Nielsen’s quarterly report measures audience impressions for video networks in out-of-home locations, offering agencies and networks an easier way to compare place- based advertising audiences to TV, Internet and Mobile. NYC Transit’s On The Go Travel Station network delivers the greatest number of gross-minute-impressions of any single market network included in the report, delivering a sizable audience with relevant messaging and advertising.

During this expansion, the parties will also work to refine the unique customer interface platforms, add new features, and explore the use of new interactive as well as mobile and other connective technologies.

NYC Transit installs and maintains the network of kiosks, working with each partner to correct any software or hardware issue in addition to assisting with platform upgrades. Installation of the additional units are expected to begin later this year.

Project Everyone w/ @Posterscope The World’s Largest DOOH Campaign

September 28th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

In what aims to become the world’s largest ever Digital Out-of-Home advertising campaign, OOH communications agency Posterscope USA has announced its participation in Project Everyone, the brainchild of filmmaker and Comic Relief founder Richard Curtis.

biggest campaign 1Project Everyone aims to share the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with seven billion people over seven days using powerful imagery and copy across an extensive range of platforms.

In the US, Posterscope is joining forces with media partners ABC, Adspace Networks, Branded Cities, City Outdoor, Clear Channel Outdoor, Lamar Advertising, Orange Barrel Media, Outfront Media and Vector Media to supply advertising space to display the advertisements, which have been designed by Richard Curtis himself, and raise awareness of the initiative.

Globally, Posterscope has engaged with 125 partners to date resulting in ads that will be seen in 450 cities across 28 different countries in busy central locations such as Piccadilly Circus in London, Swanston Street in Melbourne, Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur and Times Square in New York, where the campaign will kick-off this week.

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Captivate Brand Promoting Its B2B And B2C Targeting

September 28th, 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We noticed that Captivate, which is now promoting its in-depth B2B and B2C targeting abilities, has not been using the name Captivate Network for some time so we asked Marc Kidd, CEO, about it.

Captivate logo“We have dropped the word network from the logo and don’t use it in press releases or sales materials anymore,” said Kidd. “The refreshed logo looked better without it and made the on-screen presentation cleaner. The Captivate brand has the equity to stand alone.”

Captivate is currently promoting the fact that advertisers now have the ability to further refine campaign parameters and to plan smart media campaigns targeted for their preferred audience. eg. If they want to specifically reach men in the 25-54 age group who are financial advisors with a household income of $100,000+ and who work/live in New York City, Captivate can position the messaging to the highest propensity of targeted viewers in its network.

Captivate partners with major research providers to now deliver an even more extensive list of targeting capabilities including: Demographic, Job Title, Career Specialty, Business Expenditure, Credit Rating, Year Established and Proximity (all of which are newly available), as well as Geography, Contact Name, Company Name, Company Size, Industry, Revenue and more.

Up Next Astral OOH’s Luc Quétel

September 26th, 2015

Maddie Cotterill

You can read our latest CEO Spotlight here; Exterion Media’s CEO Shaun Gregory but up next after that (the last Friday in October) is Astral Out-of-Home’s Luc Quétel.

He will be followed this year by Justin Cochrane (CEO, Clear Channel UK).

All of our CEO Spotlights are available online (click here) and in print: -

Kicking off 2016 will be FEPE President Antonio Vincenti (Chairman and CEO of Pikasso).

CEO Spotlight: Shaun Gregory, Exterion Media, London

September 25th, 2015

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This month we welcome Shaun Gregory, CEO, Exterion Media, London.

  1. Your background was, I believe, largely in the telecommunications sector. Why, do you believe, you were chosen to lead Exterion Media, and what attracted you to make the move?

    I’ve spent 27 years in the advertising sector, with the last 6 looking after Telefonica’s Global Advertising business. Unlike most people in Media, I’ve served my time across all areas – newspapers, magazines, radio, television, digital and more latterly mobile. I think that experience, plus my international credentials, provides Exterion Media with the necessary leadership qualities to transform the business.

    There are three key reasons I felt – and still am – really excited about the role. Firstly, I was hugely attracted to the sector, having served as a non-executive director at Ocean Outdoor for over two years. I know the sector has potential, and it’s consistently grown, against the onslaught of new media and digital expansion. Secondly, there’s an obvious ‘transformational opportunity’ in this sector, so the chance to lead that change was incredibly appealing. Lastly, running a privately owned business gives you scope to do things quickly and without the ‘political baggage’ of a huge corporate.

  2. You’ve been CEO for just over a year now. What do you feel is the most significant move within the company that you’ve made so far? And the result?

    We’ve transformed the business a great deal, both in the UK and internationally. In the UK, we have consistently outperformed the market. Alongside this, we achieved market leadership in a couple of countries and completely turned our Spanish business around. It’s hard to put your finger on one thing, but I’d say that we’ve put this business on a solid financial footing for the first time in many years.

    It’s provided some great foundations to accelerate the changes we’ve been making, as we enter a new phase of investment and growth. When I joined, I talked a lot about growth, and if we’ve done one thing, we’ve certainly created a very different kind of company – a strong growth company.

  3. There have been numerous rumours that you or your Private Equity owner have been in ‘merger/acquisition mode’. What is your current thinking on M&As and consolidation in this space?

    Like every good business, we assess opportunities as and when they present themselves. We’ve done a fantastic job of turning the company around, establishing Exterion Media as a growth company and creating a valuable platform for future expansion. We’re focussed on driving more growth, and when the right opportunities present themselves, we’ll obviously take a look.

    Having witnessed consolidation in other media sectors, I think you need to be firmly focussed on your own business, without being distracted.

  4. You have offices in the UK, France, Netherlands, Spain and Ireland and have international partnerships in other countries. What percentage of your business is outside the UK and do you have any special partners you work with in these countries?

    About half of our revenue is outside of the UK. As such, we have an International Team who service all our businesses, but also work with partners in other countries outside of our geographies. Our International Sales Director Marleen De Backer manages a team that generates business from across the world.

    Each country is very different and has a range of partnerships, some sales based, others are platform/technology based. As the sector matures, you’ll see a range of new technology partners enter the fray to help expediate the opportunities at both a national and local level.

  5. How many of your own advertising faces do you currently have, and what percentage of them are digital?

    We have a portfolio of over 425,000 displays across eye catching billboards, iconic buses, city subways, national railways, transit shelters and lots of digital sites. Ten years ago we were the first to pioneer digital through the Underground, and today it’s around a third of what we do across our portfolio.

  6. For your digital assets, you still use a relatively old content management software. How much thought have you given to changing that going forward?

    We are making a number of changes, in terms of our content management software, and digital has been a real focus area for us recently. Unlike a lot of other digital OOH players, we have a huge legacy business that needs considering. That’s why we’ve been focussed on ensuring we have the right IT infrastructure (back end) in place, so that when we roll out the ‘shiny stuff’, it actually works!

    What most people forget is that we were first to launch Digital in the UK nearly a decade ago, and in fact we’re now on second generation solutions. That means we’re living with a complex challenge in the UK, but one that I’m happy we’re dealing with appropriately. We shouldn’t forget the other countries – in France we’ve been successfully rolling out full motion digital on the outskirts of Paris.

    Ireland continues to grow fast with our CIE roll out, and in the Netherlands we’ve deployed a range of very exciting digital cubes’ which have attracted a whole host of major brands for launch, ranging from Coke to Google.

  7. You recently launched something called EM Solutions to ensure that all sales efforts are targeted with an increased focus on transparency, ownership and accountability. Why was this needed? And why was it only launched in the UK?

    It’s natural for a business like ours to make changes, especially when operating in a sector that’s going through radical transformation. EM Solutions was one of many such changes, and we’ve simply put customers at the heart of our UK business. We’ve invested in new areas to underpin that structure – marketing, research and so on. Our customers have responded positively to those changes, and the structure sets us up nicely to integrate new channels and platforms.

    It’s also afforded us the opportunity to bring in some new talent, like Suzy Jordan who joined us in mid-September from Mindshare. We wanted to get it right in the UK first (clearly a benchmark for other territories), and having proven the model, we’re doing the same in other countries. France will begin making their changes in September, others will follow in due course. It’s a natural evolution for a business like ours.

  8. You are the leading exponent of Beacons in the out of home industry, how do you see them working? Will it really change the industry?

    It’s great what we’ve done with Beacons – from the initial trial, to a full blown roll out in London, we’re definitely leading the way there. However, I’m less bothered about the technology or solution, and more bothered that we continue to innovate. With Eddystone on the horizon, coupled with the ‘Internet of things’, I think the key is in continued innovation.

    And that should be touching all corners of our business, from trading all the way through to bring static posters to life. As we cement our position as a growth company, I think the next challenge with be how we continue to innovate.

  9. Do you have a marketing strategy for Exterion Media to the outside world. Why do you think that is important?

    Our job is to make other brands famous! We obviously have marketing strategies in each of our countries, and they differ to suit local needs, as you’d expect. However, they are all deep rooted in great insight (to aid smart buying decisions), designed to ‘super serve’ our customers and ultimately help brands and agencies realise the potential of the sector.

  10. You’ve been head of a major Out of Home media owner for just over a year now and are probably ideally suited to give both an outsider’s and insider’s view of the industry. What do you think about OOH / DOOH at the moment?

    The sector undoubtedly has great potential, driven by digital and technology. However, there’s a void emerging in terms of talent. To realise the potential that we know is there, the sector will need to accelerate some of the people changes.

    I honestly don’t think that we’re properly equipping ourselves with the right people, who have the necessary digital and technology backgrounds to lead the sector through its transformation.

    There’s also a degree of ‘growing up’ that needs to happen in OOH – I can see the growing pains every day, but it needs to mature from the ‘gossipy, inwardly focussed club’ into a more ‘professional, outward facing embracing medium’.

#NYDSW Sees @NEC_Display Showcase at @SIRStage37

September 25th, 2015

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

The always popular NEC (New York) Showcase a staple of New York Digital Signage Week for many years now has moved to a bigger, better, smarter venue.

NEC Showcase NYC 2015 Save the Date 470

The Showcase this year takes place on Wednesday November 4, 2015 at SIR Stage 37, 508 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018.