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Twitter Hashtags

akatv_square [1]Most people would probably acknowledge that the subject of Twitter hashtags is somewhat of an area of expertise (and passion) for us.

Short messages on services such as Twitter may be tagged by including one or more hashtags; words or phrases prefixed with a hash symbol (#) with multiple words concatenated that help ‘define’ an event, trend or purpose.

Here is a list of some of the most useful ones in our industry (in no particular order)…

CES, Las Vegas

#CES2018 [2]

NRF Big Show, New York City

#nrf2018 [2]

Integrated Systems Europe, Amsterdam

#ISE2018 [2]

Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas

#dse2018 [3]


#InfoComm18 [4]

Common Industry Terms

#digitalsignage [5]
#DigitalOOH [6]
#AVtweeps [7]

Our sister site aka.tv [8] monitors event hashtags during the appropriate show times.