Touchscreens vs Touchless Tech @Ultraleap Research

May 28th, 2020

Tristan Cotterill

Consumers on both sides of the Atlantic have raised concerns about touching public screens at self-service, supermarket checkouts, in health centres and at public transport ticketing kiosks as they look forward to a world post-lockdown.

Research in late April and early May by Ultraleap, found that among 538 respondents split almost 50:50 between the United States (267) and the United Kingdom (271), just 12% (14% in the US vs 9% in the UK) believed that touchscreens in public spaces are hygienic, while more than 82% on average (79% in the US and 85% in the UK) were confident that touch less interfaces would be more hygienic and give them better protection.

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Touch-Free, Temperature-Taking @MimoDisplay Platform

May 28th, 2020

Andrew Neale

Mimo Monitors has joined forces with Revel Digital software, to create a touch-free, temperature-taking platform to ensure safety.

Described as being ideal for entrances to grocery stores, office buildings, schools, assisted living facilities and more, this enterprise-grade platform is reliable, flexible, and customisable. It contains the premium Mimo Monitors hardware display, as well as Revel Digital’s CMS analytics and accurate temperature sensing software, along with a one-year license.

David Anderson, CEO of Mimo Monitors told us “With the evolving times, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure that your loved ones they places they frequent are safe,” said “We created this solution with ultimate durability, flexibility, and reliability in mind to ensure that this platform promotes safety and can meet and exceed the needs of every business .”

Available in wall mount, floor stand standing kiosks, and in sizes 7-32”, this comprehensive platform offers various levels of customization and complexity contingent upon the business desires and needs. From providing a simple pass/fail with a non-CMS option to more all-encompassing analytics that include remote management and syncing between locations, the platform’s capabilities are wide-spanning. This platform also runs on multiple hardware platforms including BrightSign and Android.

To learn more about this touch-free, temperature-taking platform or to order click here.

#OOH Click-Through Rate Guarantee Initiative

May 28th, 2020

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

do it outdoors media has launched a click-through rate (CTR) increase guarantee for advertisers that deploy an integrated mobile billboard and digital ad campaign.
Claimed as a ‘first-to-market’ in out-of-home, the CTR Guarantee initiative guarantees that advertisers who launch do it outdoors’ integrated OOH and mobile display ad strategy will achieve an increased number of consumer ad clicks versus their industry vertical average.

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#ShortConnects @DPAAOrg @TalonOOH Jim Wilson

May 28th, 2020

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

DPAA, the leading global organization for all advertising and content outside the home has recently introduced ‘DPAA Short Connects‘ a series of short video news interviews with advertising, media and marketing leaders aimed at keeping those working from home informed, engaged and connected.

Here is the next in the series, an interview with Jim Wilson, US CEO, Talon Outdoor

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*New* Simplified @Global Commercial Team

May 27th, 2020

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Glopal announced this week a new commercial structure under the leadership of Mike Gordon, their Chief Commercial Officer, which sees the commercial team simplified into two distinct teams. The Audio team, which will be led by Katie Bowden and the Outdoor and DAX team, led by Oliver Deane but what it doesn’t tell you is the shakeup underneath / behind that, since the ousting of good old Jonathan Lewis (see ‘Heads Roll At Global Outdoor‘ February, 2020).

  • It appears that nice guy Nigel Clarkson who has, through no fault of his own, become something or a journeyman (since his eight good years at Primesight), has been ousted from his position as head of the outdoor commercial team. Global inherited Nigel from Exterion Media and initially promoted him on completion of the deal. From our post April, 2019 we quote “Global has made the significant decision to bring the outdoor commercial team under the umbrella of their existing commercial team, overseen by Mike Gordon, Global’s Chief Commercial Officer, which will now be expanded to include a dedicated outdoor team. The outdoor commercial team will be led by Nigel Clarkson, who was formerly Exterion Media’s Chief Revenue Officer and is now appointed Commercial Director – Outdoor, reporting directly into Mike Gordon”
  • We also understand that a few weeks back, Alex Brown, the development head from Outdoor Plus, resigned (some say in the aftermath of the strange Jonathan Lewis departure BUT we think that is a bit harsh).

We said in our post ‘Have Global Acquisitions Lived Up to Expectations?‘ (February 2020) “It may sound a bit harsh but I think there are two winners here and neither one of them is Global. The Exterion component will continue to do extremely well, just as it always did but the rest of the Global Outdoor empire will likely wither in its current state, which rather calls into question the entire purpose of ‘Global Outdoor’ and the original rational for creating it”.

Looking at this situation in the UK, post #COVID19, you would now have to say that: –

  1. Global are (still) in a roadside mess. The company overpaid for two disparate OOH roadside companies; Primesight and Outdoor Plus – one a makeweight and the other with delusions of grandeur.
  2. The Exterion Media jewel in the crown (TFL) will be subjected to social distancing restrictions curtailing its audience on trains and the London Underground for the foreseeable future. Revenues will be severely impacted. There is now, no jewel in the crown.

Bottom line, Global Outdoor is brutally exposed and we have no doubt that the likes of JCDecaux and Clear Channel will likely make the most of the opportunities presented.

OutSmart Pro Launched by @ClearChannelSG w/ @Hivestack

May 27th, 2020

Tristan Cotterill

On July 1, 2020 Clear Channel Singapore will launch OutSmart Pro, a programmatic Digital Out-of-Home solution and OutSmart Pin, a smart location- intelligence and audience-based pre-and-post-planning tool.

We understand that the launch is an expansion from OutSmart’s suite of solutions that currently features OutSmart M, targeting OOH commuter audiences on their mobile phones.

Kelly Khoo, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Channel Singapore told us “There has been much enthusiasm expressed by our agency and client partners about the potential of programmatic DOOH to drive innovation, growth and real value for advertisers. We listened and we are now taking the first step into programmatic with OutSmart Pro to bring something new and exciting for our partners. The industry’s ability to better measure OOH and comprehend commuter behaviour has been progressively refined in recent years, and it will only continue to advance. The wealth of data available to us that is combined with programmatic technology will open a new avenue for brands to achieve both reach and power, led by data and precise targeting with OutSmart Pro.”

  • OutSmart Pro is using the Hivestack SSP to monetise inventory programmatically – Clear Channel Singapore is clearly taking an “audience-first, measurement first” approach. OutSmart Pro enables marketers to connect with custom audiences in the physical world based on consumer behaviour and audience movement patterns in the OOH realm to drive business outcomes and higher accountability. Advertisers will be able to exercise smarter planning, creativity and precision, targeting audiences where they are or have been, on DOOH as well as mobile, with efficiency and real-time audience measurement from a single dashboard, and as much control as required, to meet their business goals.
  • OutSmart Pin is a smart-targeting and audience-planning tool that combines location proximity to point- of-interest with audience and brand affinity and is powered by Clear Channel Singapore’s location-intelligence partner, Lifesight.

Andreas Soupliotis, President and CEO, Founder of Hivestack said “Hivestack is thrilled to be Clear Channel Singapore’s programmatic launch partner with Outsmart Pro. Clear Channel Singapore is leading the charge across Southeast Asia with the adoption of an audience-and measurement-first approach to programmatic DOOH. Outsmart Pro, powered by Hivestack’s ad serving capabilities, offers marketers the ability to programmatically activate Clear Channel Singapore screens at times when there is a high density of audiences that matter most. This new paradigm enables Clear Channel Singapore’ advertisers to buy audience-based impressions and measure business outcomes such as brand awareness, consideration and lift in footfall to stores. We look forward to seeing this partnership unfold, as we feel this is only the beginning of much more to come.”

This announcement is a major supply-side win for Hivestack in Singapore. There is no doubt that Hivestack seem to be owning much of the AdTECH OOH news in APAC at the moment – recent wins of course being the demand-side win with GroupM ANZ (April 2020) and late last year the DSP deal with NTT DoCoMo and Dentus (Dec 2019).

Japan, Australia, Singapore, Germany and Canada seem to be Hivestack’s most successful markets at this present time.

Optimise Your Content Before It’s Published

May 27th, 2020

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

StoreStream Metrics this week released blink325, an entirely new innovative predictive analytics service designed to optimise the efficacy of digital signage content before its published.

We are told that blink325 combines state-of-the art vision science, artificial intelligence and more than 15 years of real-life, ‘in the trenches’ content design results with global brands including The Home Depot, Coca-Cola, UPS, and Dairy Queen.

Adrian Weidmann, Founder and Managing Director of StoreStream Metrics told us “I’ve been utilising technology and developing these successful processes for years as part of my measurement and analytics engagements and I’m excited to offer blink325 as an independent service. Using blink325, we’ve been able to guide digital signage content design that has increased the number of daily viewers by more than 44% as well as the viewing attention time by more than 20%. Additionally, we’ve optimised call-to-action messages that increase measured results by more than 30%.”

StoreStream Metrics has more than 15 years of experience measuring digital and print signage with computer vision technologies, and with millions of records, the data clearly shows that 80% of measured viewing time is less than five seconds. With so few precious seconds to reach your audience, it is critical to optimize the cost and efficacy of your content design before its published.

More information can be found here.

Neo-Traffic Becomes @Neo_Out_of_Home

May 27th, 2020

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Quebec-based Media Group is probably better known by the names of its subsidiaries Neo-Traffic in out of home advertising and Speed in experiential marketing.

In light of this, plus a couple of recent acquisitions and solidifaction of partnerships, the group has renamed and rebranded to Neo Out of Home.

There are now three brands in the business: –

  • The current mall media business will operate under the name Neo Shopping. Neo Shopping operates in 104 shopping malls from coast to coast, which generate more than 630 million consumer visits in eight provinces and 70 cities across the country. Over 1,500 digital and static faces reach consumers on their path to purchase. Neo Shopping is the Canadian leader in this sector in terms of number of properties as well as advertising faces. With over 80 per cent of the market share, Neo Shopping dominates in Quebec.
  • Neo On the Go has been created with the recent acquisition of a 50 per cent stake in Pompe Média. Described as the fhe first service station out of home network in Canada, Neo On the Go will soon boast close to 1,000 outdoor and indoor screens, going from 12 to nearly 80 locations in Quebec. Neo On the Go also operates a network of 120 convenience stores located in La Belle Province.
  • A long-term partnership with the Nautilus Plus chain has been signed to establish the Neo Fitness digital OOH network. Neo Fitness is launching with the installation of 110 horizontal and vertical digital faces in the 37 Nautilus Plus fitness centres in Quebec.

Ronald Tapiero, President and General Manager of Media Group told us “We help advertisers reach consumers during their daily activities. After buying back the shares of our former partner in 2015 and those of the FTQ Solidarity Fund in 2018, we were able to take advantage of our reduced size to better leverage our agility and creativity. These repurchases were a crucial moment in our growth and allowed our companies to solidify and demonstrate their vitality. We stand out by doing everything internally to better control the quality of each step of production. This approach is essential because operators of our size must meet the same standards of excellence as the bigger companies but at a different scale. We’re often expected to do even better!”

Media Group also owns Speed, a company specialized in brand activation that has produced more than 1,500 campaigns for well-known brands, including Clarins, St-Hubert, Desjardins, Loto-Québec, the STM and Couche-Tard. Speed recently acquired Staff, Personnel Événementiel, a highly reputable event personnel agency established in 1977.

#AdTECH @AdMobilize & @SeedoohPlatform Partnership

May 27th, 2020

Tristan Cotterill

Industry pioneers AdMobilize and Seedooh have announced a new data integration partnership that will enable the automated integration of two foundational data-sets, of increasing importance for brands. For the first time, complete and independently verified Out-of-Home message delivery data will be instantly available, alongside high fidelity, real-time audience data.

The first business to integrate the data-sets will be Lumo Digital Outdoor, based in New Zealand. Phil Clemas, Co-Founder & CEO told us “This is a key component of a number of initiatives we are putting in place this year, to give our team and our customers access to the data they need to plan and execute better campaigns. It’s critical for Out-of-Home to prove that it can both compete with, and complement brand messages in other media channels, particularly mobile and digital, but also TV and radio. Audience and message delivery metrics are both table stakes for the future of our sector, we look forward to bringing them together”

Seedooh’s independent verification platform, uses low-impact system integrations proven at market scale, to provide complete and automated, best-practice verification of every play-out in a DOOH network or installation of a static poster. The data is reported via a mature platform dashboard, enabling summary or granular analysis of every conceivable campaign delivery metric, including; share of voice / time, location, milliseconds on screen, spots in loop, creative execution / rotation, dynamic delivery reporting, and more.

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#COVIDcodes + Digital Signage “Where Do We Go From Here?”

May 26th, 2020

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

The industry’s most well known + controversial voices on one show!

DailyDOOH’s Adrian Cotterill and Sixteen-nine’s David Haynes will share their Point of View on what’s next for the Digital Signage industry after COVID.

It’s today Tuesday May 26, 2020 at 12:30 CDT / 18:30 BST.

You can tune in here