Express Rx Joins @MesmerizeOOH

February 2nd, 2023

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Mesmerize has announced the expansion of its pharmacy network to include Express Rx pharmacies. Express Rx offers high-quality, personalized service at their pharmacies within the Southeast U.S.

Galen Perkins, Chief Executive Officer of Express Rx told us “We see great value in Mesmerize’s patient education platform and look forward to working with them to improve our clinical services messaging and encourage meaningful dialogue between patients and our pharmacists.”

Express Rx is a renowned chain of community pharmacies that offers its patients and consumers the most comprehensive and personal pharmacy experience possible. Mesmerize will be installing digital displays in all Express Rx pharmacies, comprising 29 stores throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, with plans to expand in the future.

Ian Stone, Senior Vice President at Mesmerize said “Mesmerize is a long-term advocate of community pharmacies and the significant role they play in serving their communities. We are excited to partner with Express Rx to provide valuable education and resources to the communities they serve.”

Mesmerize’s digital displays will be prominently placed in the waiting and pick-up/drop-off areas of Express Rx pharmacies, presenting a valuable opportunity for patient education and sponsor messaging. Screens feature best-in-class editorial and educational content speaking to general health and wellness, symptoms, disease states, treatment options, and more.

Mesmerize is also working with individual Express Rx stores to create custom messaging educating consumers on pharmacy products and specialty services. Messaging is specifically designed to drive customer engagement and encourage shoppers to have conversations with the pharmacist on-site.

Express Rx was founded in 2013 with one location and has grown organically and through acquisitions to 29 locations today. With care, compassion, and professionalism, Express Rx strives to give its customers and communities the most comprehensive and personal pharmacy experience possible. Express Rx is based in Little Rock, AR, and comprises 29 pharmacies throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, with plans to expand in the future.

UK Black-Owned Businesses Disadvantaged

February 2nd, 2023

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A Channel 4 and Clear Channel UK study has revealed that Black entrepreneurs face more obstacles setting up and running their businesses than their white counterparts.

The study showed that Black business owners face more challenges generating funding and more feel they have to fight hard to convince investors to believe in their businesses when compared to white business owners.

The findings, which featured responses from more than 500 entrepreneurs, revealed that 56% of Black-owned businesses only receive funding once they had already grown a successful business, compared to just 35% of white business owners who were given the same requirement. In addition, 53% of Black-owned businesses agreed they had to fight hard to get others to believe in their business compared to only 40% of white owners.

The research also showed a huge gulf between how much funding people believe Black businesses receive compared to how much investment actually goes into Black-owned companies. White respondents guessed that 21% of total funding goes towards Black led businesses while Black participants estimated 15%. But the reality is that Black businesses attract just 0.24% of total venture capital investment*.

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Yahoo’s @StephanieGutnik Chairs #AdTECH: OOH

February 2nd, 2023

Tristan Cotterill

Yahoo’s Global Head of DOOH Stephanie Gutnik is chairing not one, not two but three (3) AdTECH: OOH Conferences this year in North America.

First up is Miami which will take place during #MiamiTech week, i.e the week of April 11-17, 2023 – most likely on the Wednesday afternoon of that week, this will run alongside the MMA PossibleEvent, a DPAA mixer, some OAAA activities, Co-Motion and eMerge Americas.

Toronto will follow on May 24, the day before the new COMMB awards. We worked hard at persuading the Digital Signage Federation to move their Toronto, May 4th Meet ‘n Mingle to join COMMB and ourselves but (so far at least) to no avail.  You can after all lead a horse to water but not make it drink.

.. and of course AdTECH: OOH – New York will take place as usual during New York Digital Signage Week October 9-13, 2023.

Stephanie leads Yahoo’s DOOH team, and is responsible for defining overall strategy, product feature set and go-to-market plans for all DOOH efforts globally. Before joining Yahoo she spent two years as Vice President, Digital Strategy and Programmatic Sales at OUTFRONT Media and before that she was with Broadsign for six and a half years, rising to the position of Vice President, Business Development.

Since 2016, Stephanie has been instrumental in helping the Ministry of New Media in formulating their successful AdTECH: OOH Conference series of events.

These now take place annually in Miami (April), Toronto (May), Sydney (August), New York (October) and Amsterdam (December).

Looking To Reach Audiences in Japan?

February 2nd, 2023

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Did you know that Hivestack’s exclusive partnership with LIVE BOARD offers the only truly programmatic opportunity to buy DOOH inventory in Japan?

With a click of a button you can easily tap into 837M impressions.

To learn more about the sophisticated audience targeting and premium screen inventory across Japan, click here.

FOARE Scholarship Applications

February 2nd, 2023

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The OAAA and the Foundation for Out of Home Advertising Research and Education (FOARE) are pleased to announce applications for the annual FOARE Scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year are now being accepted.

Since the scholarship program’s inception in 2001, 205 students have received scholarships to pursue a degree in a wide range of fields ranging from business and marketing to the medical sciences. This year, 13 scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $5,000 each.

The Foundation will award five general scholarships; the Allman Family Business Development, Marketing, and Sales Scholarship; the Nancy Fletcher Leader Scholarship; the Vern and Elaine Clark Out of Home Industry Champion Scholarship; the Ruth Segal Scholarship; the Joseph Zukin Jr. Educational Opportunity Scholarship; and the Eric M. Rubin Scholarship.

The deadline for applications is June 16, 2023.

Information about the FOARE Scholarship Program and application materials can be found here. Applications for the scholarship can be found here.

The Foundation will also award two scholarships from the Reagan Family Scholarship Endowment, which has a separate application process. Application materials for the Reagan Family Scholarship can be found here. The deadline for the Reagan Family Scholarship applications is May 10, 2023.

Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students and high school seniors accepted to an undergraduate program are eligible to receive a FOARE scholarship. The FOARE Scholarship Program is an important way for the industry to support families associated with outdoor advertising, including industry employees, and those students who may be interested in helping to shape the future of the industry.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence, career goals, and students’ community/extracurricular activities. Some scholarships have additional application and eligibility requirements which are outlined in the scholarship program information materials.

More information can be found here.

Effectiveness of Billboard Advertising Report

February 2nd, 2023

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

UK Leeds based classic and digital OOH media owner 75Media is reminding people of the power of billboards with data that reveals how powerful they can be.

In the ‘Effectiveness of billboard advertising’ report, 75Media has analysed data from YouGov which shows that one in four people say they are likely to pay attention to billboards, a figure which has remained relatively unchanged for the last three years. As Katy Conway, 75Media’s marketing and communications director, explains – that can mean some heavy footfall.

“Many of our billboards have approximately 350,000 people walking or driving past them every week,” Katy said. “So if we know one in four of those is actively engaging with the advert, that’s a really strong figure just from one billboard. If that’s multiplied over lots of different locations, you can really get some cut-through. And unlike radio, TV or streaming ads, they can’t be skipped or switched off.”

The YouGov data also looked at how effective other forms of advertising were. Streaming ads were the least effective, with just 11 per cent of people paying attention to them. Social media adverts reached 18 per cent of viewers. Radio adverts scored similarly to billboards and TV slightly higher – but at a significantly higher price point. Katy continues: “If we compare the cost of producing and airing a TV advert compared to producing and displaying a billboard, they’re worlds apart. A billboard can be under £500 for a two week campaign.”

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Thursday’s #ISE2023 Networking Events

February 2nd, 2023

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

#ISE2023 returned to Barcelona early this week and I think everyone would agree that it has been extremely busy.

Networking of course is always a big, some would say the biggest part, of the week and here is what Thursday has in store for you…


  • AVIXA are holding a mixer every day of the show in booth 3Q400 at 15:00. They’ll provide the drinks, if you bring the banter!


  • On Thursday February 2 at 17:00 CET K-EXPERIENCE are inviting people to join them to discover the tastes and smells of their Tuscan homeland. They want to share their favourite Red, White and Prosecco with you. Stand 7F350. Register here.
  • The Sixteen:Nine Mixer. Thursday February 2 between 18:00 – 20:00 CET. The mixer will run off site from the convention hall at Esferic Barcelona Placa Dante. Montjuïc – Jardins Joan Brossa. Organiser Dave Haynes told us “Unlike many events that will, because of the nature of ISE, attract people from multiple segments of pro AV, the mixer is purely a digital signage event. It is perhaps the one social event apart from the Invidis Digital Signage Summit where the majority of people will be digital signage people”. Tickets go really quickly and can be found (or not) here.

#ff @PSNI_AV @sixteennine @PeerlessAVEU @7thSenseDesign @SolomonPtners @VuWall @AVNationTV @AVIXA

oOh!media Adelaide Small Business Boost

February 1st, 2023

Tristan Cotterill

oOh!media this week launched ‘Small Business Boost’ in Adelaide, a major initiative supporting small businesses in the South Australian capital to drive awareness, revenue and increase resilience.

With rising inflation and cost of living pressures, small businesses are facing rapidly evolving economic headwinds. oOh!’s Small Business Boost offers cost effective Out of Home advertising solutions to small enterprises in Adelaide that will drive customers to their products, services and online locations.

The initiative follows the City of Adelaide’s decision to award oOh! the long-term street furniture and advertising contract in September last year. The contract encompasses the maintenance and advertising services for 134 bus shelters, 60 of which will include digital displays, as well as 6 additional communication screens in new greenfield locations.

City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Jane Lomax-Smith said: “Small businesses make a huge contribution to our success as a city and we want to do all we can to support them as we continue to bounce back from the impacts of the pandemic. So we welcome this innovative partnership between the City of Adelaide and oOh!media as it will provide valuable marketing exposure to help our vibrant small business sector flourish.”

The expanded oOh! street furniture network will deliver a 100 per cent weekly reach in the City of Adelaide and lifts oOh!’s total network reach in the Adelaide market to 97 per cent.

Under the Small Business Boost, selected businesses will be provided with an Out of Home media advertising package valued at $100,000 to promote their products or services across oOh!’s digital network in return for a minimal investment of $5,000 to cover production costs.

Robbie Dery, chief commercial operating officer at oOh! said “While businesses in Adelaide, and elsewhere, have been battered by the pandemic and now rising inflation and cost of living, we want to ensure the longevity and ongoing success of small businesses which play such a huge part in their local communities. As Australia’s largest Out of Home media company we are launching the Small Business Boost in Adelaide to assist these enterprises by giving them cost effective and efficient access to our extensive digital Out of Home network in the city. Out of Home media reaches consumers at scale and drives them to engage and buy. At a time when many businesses don’t have the spare budget for marketing, this initiative alleviates some of these pressures and is open to all eligible small businesses across Adelaide and we encourage them to apply.”

Qualifying Small Business Boost companies need to have fewer than 20 employees, a turnover of between $200,000 and $1m in the last financial year and will have 12 months in which to use their advertising package.

Applications for the Small Business Boost are free and all terms and conditions can be found here.

mc R&D GmbH and @Hivestack Partnernership

February 1st, 2023

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Hivestack has partnered with mc R&D GmbH, Germany’s largest network provider of passenger TV.

As a result of the partnership, mc R&D GmbH’s 5,800 screens in 2,000 public transport vehicles (subway, bus, streetcar) can now be bought programmatically via Hivestack’s Supply Side Platform (SSP).

Andreas Orth, Managing Director and sole shareholder of mc R&D GmbH said “By working with Hivestack, we are taking another big step towards Programmatic Advertising/ Our inventory of thousands of screens with high-quality programming and immense reach is now very easy and very quick for agencies and companies to book.”

With the integration of mc R&D GmbH’s inventory, Hivestack will offer local and international advertisers, agencies and omnichannel DSPs the opportunity to plan, activate and measure programmatic DOOH campaigns across mcrud’s DOOH screens in two major German cities.

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LDSK Platform Connects More Media Owners

February 1st, 2023

Guest Contributor, Andy Hamblin

Our LDSK platform now connects even more Media Owners with data-driven audiences from Advertima, Admobilize, Data Jam and Quividi

LDSK’s CRO Andy Hamblin who chaired our  last AdTECH: OOH – Europe Conference in Amsterdam

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. Thanks to live connections with the industry’s top data providers, Media Owners using the LDSK platform now have the power to deliver hyper-targeted audiences that offer meaningful value for advertisers.

Working together, LDSK and data providers Advertima, Admobilize, Data Jam and Quividi have pre-built connections that enable a real-time feed of data for anyone using the LDSK platform.

Live connections mean Media Owners not only have access to the unique data of these providers, but thanks to the LDSK platform’s AI intelligence, it is received in an actionable way. A way that transforms your inventory from commodities into sophisticated, audience-led solutions.

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