InReality Launches Safe Space Resource

October 23rd, 2020

Andrew Neale

InReality, LLC has launched an online Learning Center to provide valuable guidance that can help the industry navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving Safe Space landscape.

Having entered the world of safe spaces at inception, we are told that the analytics software solution company is uniquely positioned to provide objective insight into the rapidly evolving space. Working closely with resellers, screen manufacturers, processing systems and emerging biotech companies gives InReality a rich, wide-angle view into all of the conversations, realities and challenges facing this space.

Laura Davis-Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer told us “We have been working inside of this new vertical category since early March and have learned so much. No one can say that they have all of the answers—things change sometimes daily and we’re all feeling our way through it. However, we know that our observations could be valuable to others and we wanted to create a platform for sharing. We want to do our part to inform the path forward.”

The Learning Center was designed to fill a knowledge gap and share learnings that can help the industry make informed decisions with the help of up-to-date guidance in a rapidly changing environment.

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Veronique Barbeau and Adam Silverthrone Join Adapt Media

October 23rd, 2020

Tristan Cotterill

Veronique Barbeau and Adam Silverthrone have joined Adapt Media, a Toronto-based out-of-home media company.

Veronique joins as the Director of National Accounts. She’s a a seasoned bilingual business development expert experienced in out-of-home advertising and will focus on the Eastern and Atlantic markets in Canada.

Adam Silverthrone, with 15 years of sales experience in experiential marketing and out-of-home advertising, has joined as Senior Sales Representative/ You may know Adam as he was actively involved with AdClub of Toronto, in particular for its Out-of-Home Day.

Laura Maurice, SVP of Sales at Adapt Media and Chameleon Digital Media told us “Attracting top sales talent is a huge priority for us. Veronique and Adam are a big score for us given their background in OOH and key local markets”.

Adapt Media is a trusted Canadian OOH provider, is focused on providing advertising space at Plaza Premium airport lounges, DriveTest Ontario centres, Couche-Tard /Circle K and thousands of convenience stores across Canada plus large format billboards. Now in its 22nd year in business, Adapt Media has grown to include street-level and in-store advertising in over 500 cities and towns across the nation and is well known for building new custom ad networks at clients’ requests.

New Audience Impressions Methodology From @CCOutdoorNA

October 23rd, 2020

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Clear Channel Airports, the Americas-based airports business of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO), and leading airport advertising provider in the U.S., this week announced a first-in-the-nation rollout of a new audience impressions methodology that provides advertisers with a more precise analysis of a consumer’s advertising journey as they traverse an airport.

The impressions methodology, pioneered by Geopath is being integrated by Clear Channel Airports into the nation’s busiest and most sought-after airports now and into 2021.

This integration represents a hard pivot away from a decades-old methodology that estimated how many times passengers see an ad in an airport. The new methodology marks a shift from measuring campaigns solely by passenger count and toward a greater understanding of audience behavior and a consumer’s likelihood of consuming ad media in an airport.

Moreover, Clear Channel Airports’s investment in this data integration through Geopath revealed that previous estimated impressions delivery for airport advertising underrepresented the true audiences reached and suggests the space was undervalued. In comparing the historic passenger counts in six of the nation’s top airports against the new Geopath audience measurements, the data show airport campaigns are delivering impressions at a much higher rate, and in some cases, up to 8x what was previously reported.

Morten Gotterup, president, Clear Channel Airports told us “We believe in the airport media space and our investments in data and innovation are raising the bar on measurement to ensure greater transparency and results for our brand partners. As travel continues to ramp, our advertisers will benefit from these insights by realizing the true reach and effectiveness of their campaigns.”

This new independent, third-party validated methodology results in a more qualified level of impressions in each airport and provides brands with a better understanding of campaign reach and frequency. It factors in the placement of each unique media display along with a traveler’s time spent and movements throughout the airport to render overall impressions.

Kym Frank, President, Geopath said “Buyers and sellers of OOH advertising in airports can better justify spending in the channel when there is a unified, apples-to-apples currency across all forms of OOH, DOOH and VOOH. We worked with a committee of buyers and sellers to develop a methodology that provides accurate measurement for each unique screen across a multitude of venues that is on par with the data we provide our roadside and transit members”.

The data will become available to Clear Channel Airports’s advertisers through the company’s Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR suite of campaign planning, amplification and measurement solutions.

Chris St. John Joins Chameleon Digital

October 23rd, 2020

Tristan Cotterill

Chris St. John has joined Toronto-based digital media company Chameleon Digital Media as a National Account Executive

Laura Maurice, SVP of Sales at Adapt Media and Chameleon Digital Media told us “Chris comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the digital space that will allow us to continue growing Chameleon through mobile data partnerships. We are excited to grow our team with experienced sales leaders who understand the buyer’s needs. ”

Chris has worked for AdParlor, Blue Ant Media and StackAdapt.

Chameleon Digital Media is a full-service digital agency with expertise in mobile location data. Now in its seventh year in business, Chameleon Digital Media has grown as a mobile data and advertising provider to hundreds of clients across the globe.

MyPayNow @JCDecauxAUS Real-Time Bus Data

October 23rd, 2020

Tristan Cotterill

In Australia JCDecaux has developed a dynamic digital campaign with live timetable data where commuters can access their money from MyPayNow while waiting for the bus.

JCDecaux Head of Creative Solutions, Ashley Taylor told us “We love finding ways to create impact and awareness by providing city utility, and this campaign delivers both utility and scale for MyPayNow. The powerful combination of contextually relevant data through dynamic digital for commuters and 100% share of voice through bus shelter and kiosk wraps, the campaign offers a useful service to commuters, linking the brand, and using creative to focus on how easy it is to use the MyPayNow app.”

In an exclusive nationwide Out-Of-Home campaign, JCDecaux’s SMARTFRAME digital assets are broadcasting bus arrival times, letting commuters know how far away their next bus is – and just how easy it is to access their money via new cash advance app MyPayNow during that time.

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Another 20 Year Veteran Gone From @KineticwwUK

October 22nd, 2020

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Rumour is that Kinetic have just let go Colin Bundock and more than likely, some or all of his team as well.

Colin has been Trading Director at Kinetic Worldwide for well over 12 years and a near industry lifer with 20+ years in the industry.

He was universally acclaimed as one of the most experienced and consumate OOH buyers in the business.

We hear that it was done to save costs but you cannot help thinking somewhat, that it may have been a result of all these new shiny #AdTECH platforms that we love.

#CES2021 Microsoft Strategic Cloud Platform Provider

October 22nd, 2020

Andrew Neale

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has selected Microsoft as its technology partner for the first-ever, all-digital #CES2021. Microsoft will provide solutions, support, and the underlying cloud technologies that will enable the event total place online January 11-14, 2021.

Microsoft Corp. Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela said “Digital events are an opportunity to re-imagine what’s possible,” said By harnessing the power of the Microsoft cloud and broader partner ecosystem—we’re excited to help CTA transform CES into an all-digital event. From hosting our own global, virtual-only events to empowering our customers and partners in leading theirs, we have a lot of learnings to share and look forward to creating an event full of the compelling experiences that people have come to expect at CES.”

The event experience will use Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Power Platform to deliver an exhibitor showcase, media events, conference programming, networking events, and more.

Karen Chupka, executive vice president of CES told us “CES is a truly global event, unique in its scale and audience diversity. For an all-digital CES, we sought a platform that allows attendees from around the world to participate easily and securely.”

#CES2021 will bring together the entire global tech community to connect and collaborate. Attendees will have a front row seat to the latest technology breakthroughs. Global brands and startups will launch the latest cutting-edge products. Thought leaders will share ideas that will shape the future.

22Miles TempDefend Thermal Screening Solution

October 22nd, 2020

Andrew Neale

22Miles has announced am integration with Elo, as a recommended hardware solution for deployment with 22Miles TempDefend software. The combined solution including Elo I-Series touchscreen computers, Mounting Solutions, Temperature Sensor Pro, EloView and 22Miles software brings plug-and-play, self-service thermal detection capabilities to a wide range of industries and applications, from enterprise and hospitality, to education and transportation, and many more.

Tomer Mann, EVP, 22Miles told us “Elo is a leader in the digital signage industry and we’re excited to partner with them to create ready-made, easy-to-use and install display, kiosks, and other signage solutions that help support the re-opening of buildings across the world post-pandemic,”.

Engineered as a customisable, plug-and-play thermo-sensing digital signage communication and direction tool, 22Miles’ TempDefend combines advanced camera hardware, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms. With Elo’s I-Series, 22Miles will provide an all-in-one display and software solution that can be quickly and easily installed in buildings of any size and scale. Elo’s accessory and mounting portfolio creates an easy-to-configure solution for any environment. EloView SaaS service (available for Elo Android devices) helps enable seamless remote deployment of TempDefend and device management capabilities.

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Neuro-Insight Study Animation Twice as Effective as Static

October 22nd, 2020

Tristan Cotterill

A new Shopper Media study, conducted in partnership with Neuro-Insight, has taken a deep dive into the shopper’s subconscious to better understand the impact of advertising within shopping centres. The study revealed that animated advertising in walk by retail environments best captures a shopper’s attention.

Emily Sak, Head of Data and Insights and Ben Walker, CEO , Shopper Media

Emily Sak, Head of Data and Insights at Shopper Media told us “Each day we are inundated with an average of 8,000 advertising messages, so brands need to ensure their communication is distinctive and memorable. The Shopper Media study was conducted to understand the power of animation in grabbing the attention of shoppers. The study looked into the impact of animation through the monitoring of brain responses, with a focus on long-term memory and eye tracking.”

Using Steady State Technology Cap & Eye Glasses, the study measured the shopping journeys of 134 respondents in relation to advertising panel placement, static versus animation, retail floor-mounted portrait panels, small-format roof-installed panels and shopping centre entrance signage. Data scientists analysed 36,000 points of brain activity per person, to analyse subconscious brain responses and eye movements in response to advertising.

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Q3, 2020 @Barco Trading Update

October 22nd, 2020

Andrew Neale

Barco (Euronext: BAR; Reuters: BARBt.BR; Bloomberg: BAR BB) announced the results for the third quarter ended 30 September 2020 which they described as a “Soft Q3 with mix of recovery and prolonged covid impact”.

Barco CEO, Jan De Witte told us “While total company topline for the 3rd quarter was flat with the 2rd quarter, we saw improvements in Enterprise and indications of economic recovery in EMEA and parts of APAC. Healthcare delivered a softer quarter, but its fundamentals remain solid. In Entertainment, although the global Cinema and Events segments are clearly riding a roller-coaster, Barco’s longer-term growth opportunities remain unchanged. With Clickshare Conference, positive market receptivity is telling us we have the right product at the right time to enable hybrid workplaces, and we are continuing to invest in building awareness.”

“At this point, it is clear that 2020 will prove to be an off-year for the Barco P&L. To put the company back on its path to reaching its long-term financial goals, we are resetting expense levels while continuing to invest in strategic growth initiatives”. 

Financial highlights 3Q20

  • Orders, versus 3Q19, declined to 157.6 million euro from 275.6 million euro
  • Orders, versus 2Q20, increased 8.7%
  • Order book as of 30 September 2020 stood at 299.1 million euro, 5.7% below end of June 2020
  • Sales, versus 3Q19, declined to 167.4 million euro from 266.9 million euro
  • Sales year-to-date decreased 24.7% to 574.7 million euro, compared to the same period a year ago
  • Sales, versus 2Q20, were 2.4% lower reflecting a decline in Healthcare sales in the third quarter offset by increases in Entertainment & Enterprise sales

Executive summary 3Q20

Group topline

The third quarter results continued to reflect varied demand dynamics associated with covid-19 across Barco’s regions and divisions. Although orders and sales were significantly below last year, on a quarter-over-quarter basis, sales were essentially flat, and orders grew.

3Q versus 2Q comparison – Regional breakdown

From a regional perspective, sales grew in EMEA markets and were flat in APAC, reflecting economic pick-up in several end markets. Sales declined in the Americas region where the pace of economic recovery in our end markets lags other regions.

3Q versus 2Q comparison – Divisional breakdown

Divisional results reflect early indications of economic recovery in the Entertainment and Enterprise divisions. Activity in Healthcare was weaker across all segments and most pronounced in the Americas region as customers reset delivery schedules based on hospital spending priorities.

Enterprise sales began to rebound in the third quarter as demonstrated by a solid pick-up for both the Control Rooms and the ClickShare segments. ClickShare sales continued to steadily improve in line with back-to-office trends and the need for solutions that enable hybrid workspaces. Six months after its launch, ClickShare Conference now accounts for 22% of the ClickShare business.

In Entertainment, both the Cinema and the V&H segments contributed to a modest 3% growth in divisional sales versus Q2 on new build activity for cinema in EMEA and with services rebounding as cinemas reopen.

Healthcare reported a slow third quarter, following a very strong first half.  As a result, sales year-to-date for Healthcare are now flat. The weak 3Q was driven by short term postponement of investments by hospitals leading to deployment push-outs.

Investing in strategic growth opportunities while adjusting the cost base

The company continues to execute its plan to align both its activity rate and spending with the impacts of the pandemic by resetting indirect cost levels, next to temporary measures and resource redeployments.

In parallel, the company continues to invest in strategic portfolio innovations and to strengthen commercial activities in selected markets and regions in order to further improve its competitive position.


Taking into account the uncertainties associated with the second covid wave, both in terms of its impact on ongoing recovery rates in Europe and delayed recovery in the Americas region, management expects continuous pressure on topline performance.

Given lower volumes, unfavorable mix and continued investments in commercial and innovation strength, we expect a considerable decrease in full year EBITDA margin compared to the first half.