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Philips Stops Its 3D Solutions Venture

DisplayDaily [1] broke the news first at the end of March but its significant enough to repeat here – especially after Screen Media Expo this week which was (perhaps bizarrely or most probably just goes to show what a great event it is for exhibitors) the first time EVER that 5 different 3D technologies were on show in one place!!!!

Visitors would have been able to see Philips/Samsung, Magnetic, X3D (the earlier Newsight product), Bolod and Alioscopy and THEREFORE be able to make their own, informed decisions on what was best.

Anyway, letters to Philips resellers went out last week as below, leaving distributors looking for another solution to resell…

Dear reseller,

Herewith, I would like to inform you that Philips discontinues the sales of the 42-inch 3D display (42-3D6W02). For detailed information on the availability of these 3D displays and other questions, please refer to your own distributor.

Because of current market developments, the point in time where mass adoption of no-glasses based 3D TV will occur has shifted significantly.

Therefore, Philips has decided to stop the 3D Solutions venture. Philips has been marketing its leading no-glasses based 3D technologies through a pro-active approach for a long time, because it believes that over time, no-glasses based 3D TVs will bring the ultimate 3D experience to the home.

Unfortunately, the current market developments no longer justify such a pro-active approach: the point in time where mass adoption of no-glasses based 3D TV will occur has shifted significantly. As a consequence of this, Philips has decided to scale down its investments in this area. In practice, this means that the 3D Solutions venture will be discontinued. The TV business of Philips Consumer Lifestyle is not affected by this decision. The TV business of Consumer Lifestyle will evaluate the options to develop 3D consumer televisions in the future, depending on the latest consumer insights and the level of consumer demand.

We would like to thank you for your support and efforts in reselling our 3D displays.

Best regards,

Jos Swillens
CEO Philips 3D Solutions