Subway Riders Enticed by Basketball Stars to Stop and Shoot Hoops

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The US office of Kumho Tire, global tire manufacturer headquartered in Gwangju, Korea, turned to experiential agency Pearl Media to launch an in-your-face interactive basketball experience currently running in the Times Square subway station.

Kumho_Pearl_TimesSquare_1_smallThe experience is designed to get riders to stop and sink virtual baskets on their way to their destinations.

The game, ‘Pop-A-Shot’, features basketball players dribbling across a storefront in the Times Square subway station. As pedestrians approach the screen, the player will capture their attention by forcefully passing the ball directly at them, ‘cracking’ the digital screen. The challenger ‘steps’ onto the court, and attempts to toss Kumho digital tires, instead of basketballs, into the hoop.

Pearl Kumho2When the final score is tallied, the basketball player steps back onto the court and bestows his own brand of judgment on the player, who is prompted to pose for a photo with the player that can be shared on social media.

The activation runs to Feb. 22, 2015, in New York City’s Time Square subway station near the 43rd Street and 7th Avenue entrance.

“We are excited for New York to feel Kumho’s presence and support for basketball everywhere they turn,” said Harry Choi, president and CEO of Kumho Tire North America.

Kumho__3_small“This experience is designed to take fans beyond their expectations with their favorite game,” says Josh Cohen, CEO, Pearl Media. “Bringing this type of excitement and action into one of the busiest NYC transit stations is a memorable way to drive awareness of Kumho,”

The activation is a piece of a larger promotion that Kumho Tire launched on Instagram and Twitter in January.

Founded in 1960, Kumho Tire has more than 50 years of history steeped in innovation, technical development and environmental awareness that has positioned the Company as one of the world’s top ten tire manufacturers. Distributed in 160 countries, Kumho Tire is dedicated to providing a top quality driving experience to consumers throughout the world. Headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Kumho Tire USA is the U.S. sales, marketing, product development and distribution arm of Kumho Tire Co. Inc..

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