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Chris Sheldrake


We are seeing a surge of announcements from US networks with regard surveys, research and metrics at the moment, another one this week was Captivate Network who announced its first steps in its endeavor to provide its clients with the most robust consumer metrics.

Guided by custom PQ Media market research findings, Captivate Network added new services to its established foothold in digital screen networks, providing advertisers with a more complete range of options for engaging consumers during the 33 percent of the day when they’re consuming media outside their homes – Captivate Network 8,900 digital screens of course is specifically focused on reaching consumers, nearly three million daily, in their workplace during the day, in 1,000 North American office towers.

A new, interactive Web site supplements content displayed on the screens in the office tower lobbies and elevators and provides Captivate Network advertisers with richer data on engagement.

Half of Captivate Network viewers consider the company’s digital screens their primary news source during working hours and already, 55 percent said they would go online to access news stories they saw on screens and 52 percent have gone back to their desks to visit an advertiser’s Web site.

Scott Lyon, vice president of marketing, Captivate Network told us “Advertisers hunger for more interactivity with consumers. They don’t want to blare messages; they want to create an authentic, ongoing dialogue”

He added “Our new Web presence is the first of many services from Captivate that will enable advertisers to sustain a two-way conversation that builds brand preference via an engaged community.”

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  1. J. Woolsey Jr. Says:


    This is old news, should point out that John Ryan Performance has been delivering digital interactivity with authentic content digital consumer dialogue for quite some time. Reason I bring this up is haven’t seen you interview JRP on DailyDOOH and they have some extremely innovative platforms many could learn from.


    J. Woolsey Jr.

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