buyDScontent Opens Its Doors

Chris Sheldrake

In our post last week ‘Startups During A Recession‘ we spoke about Brian Andersen’s new online business which launched today.

image0011It’s a web shop with content for digital signage; royalty free, full HD and most of the content can be used in both landscape and portrait orientation.

What we particularly like is the ease in which each clip can be easily customisable – there’s plenty of space for adding text on the screen, much of the content is chroma-keyed and it all seems to work well / be wrapped up nicely in After Effects.

The pricing is between EUR 100 and EUR 200 and there are 140 clips ready for instant download from the start and it is hoped that the library will rapidly grow. is a part of the Danish company Blues Brother Aps headed by Brian Andersen.

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