#CES2020 ‪@BMWGroup i3 Urban Suite

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On first arrival at #CES2020 you could be mistaken for thinking that you are at the world’s largest car show, not necessarily at ‘The Global Stage For Innovation’.

This event has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years now, as the CTA say, it’s “the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace” BUT it is also an event that both new and established automotive manufacturers flock to at the beginning of each year.

As we arrive at the LVCC, either by monorail (shamelessly far too expensive) or by shank’s pony our first port of call is always the BMW exhibit area which takes over one complete half of the LVCC Car Park.

The giant German auto manufacturer billed their presence at #CES2020 with the hashtag #ChangeYourPerception. At its heart of this is BMW’s firm belief in its ability to not only understand the requirements of future mobility but also to be able to find answers to them. The BMW Group exhibit stand always showcases this change in perspective, the experiences and practical demonstrations on offer anchored it in reality for the visitors from all over the world.

A highlight of this year’s #CES2020 for us was the BMW i3 Urban Suite. For seven years now, the BMW i3 has played the role of iconic ambassador for electric driving pleasure, sustainability and intelligent connectivity in urban areas. These qualities have helped to make it the world’s best-selling electric car in the premium compact segment. It’s amazing inside and out and with the sort of performance you expert from a well put together, high class electric motor vehicle. It’s a car that we test drove earlier this summer in the UK but also a car that we got to hail using a bespoke BMW ride-hailing app at the show, and were then treated to a true first-class chauffeured experience (we also got to pre-order a beverage of our choice which was delivered with the car on arrival).

BMW Group brought the BMW i3 Urban Suite to Las Vegas in order to reveal a mobility experience tailored entirely to the passenger’s individual needs. To achieve this, a standard BMW i3 underwent a complete transformation (with only the driver’s seat and dashboard left untouched) so that its interior has the relaxed feel of a boutique hotel. The aim was to create an inviting space with a high feel-good factor in which to spend time – the perfect place for relaxing, enjoying in-car entertainment or focusing on work in a laid-back setting (see below).

This has been achieved by including, among other things, a large, comfortable seat with footrest, a screen that flips down from the headliner and a personal Sound Zone. The screen was controlled from the App.

The BMW i3 Urban Suite represents a logical step forward in the BMW Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility. The vehicle is underpinned by a holistic approach to making responsible use of resources, encompassing the powertrain with zero local emissions, the careful selection of materials and the production processes involved. Fabrics containing recycled materials therefore come together with certified wood and olive-tanned leather, while the floor mats are made from recyclable materials that can be fed back into the materials cycle, as per circular economy principles.

In Munich, Germany a fleet of standard BMW i3 cars were converted into Urban Suites then brought to Las Vegas, where they were seen gracing the city’s streets The car really did offer its passenger a first-hand experience of the BMW Group’s innovative and sustainable mobility concept and at the same time, demonstrated that luxury travel in the future will have nothing to do with vehicle size.

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