DPAA’s Final WE.DOOH Livestream Workshop of 2020

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

DPAA, the leading global trade marketing association connecting out-of-home media with the advertising community while moving OOH to digital, announced this week that its next WE.DOOH (Women’s Empowerment in Digital Out-of-Home) workshop will help participants prepare for 2021 with the session ‘Champion Your Ideas, Move Your Mission Forward and Start the New Year Strong’ (you can register here).

Jenn Wiley

Leading the session will be subject matter expert Jenn Willey, Founder & CEO of Wet Cement, a strategic provider of integrated training, consulting, speaking and coaching services.

Jenn told us “This interactive workshop helps you find and harness the power of your voice so you can develop the courage and skillset to follow your mission. Learn how to conquer limiting beliefs and core “enemies” like distractions, detours and derailers that compromise your progress. Then you are free to focus on building your leadership plan and developing the personal brand that will define your success”.

As usual during this year’s pandemic, it is a free, live streamed event which will be open to DPAA members and non-members alike. It takes place Thursday, December 10, 2021 from 11am – 12pm ET,

A special introduction will be made by Ritu Sharma, Global Business Director, DDB.

Ritu Sharmu

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Build their leadership plan and develop their personal brand to head into the new year strong.
  • Be their best champion by promoting themselves at work and not being their own worst enemy.
  • Develop a personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis as a framework for success.
  • Craft and deliver their Personal Elevator Pitch to sell themselves and network with confidence.
  • Draft a Personal Business Plan focused on benefits they deliver through their unique positioning.

Barry Frey, President & CEO, DPAA told us “This interactive workshop will help attendees find and harness the power of their voices in order to build a leadership plan and develop a personal brand to advance their careers”.

Three previous livestreamed WE.DOOH webinars, in April, May and September, attracted hundreds of participants.

WE.DOOH, launched in 2018, is a network that unites women working across the digital out-of-home ecosystem. Partnering with Advance Women at Work (powered by Wet Cement), WE.DOOH runs webinars, training sessions and releases videos with helpful tips for women in the workplace.

Debbie Drutz, NOVUS President and member of DPAA’s Board of Directors, is chair of WE.DOOH. Advisory board members include Michelle Bodnar, Director of Publisher Development, Hivestack; Samantha Brown, Director of Business Development, Mesmerize; Kelley Drake, Director of Marketing, Xaxis; Jenna Erdman, VP, Network Expansion & Partnerships, ISM Connect; Luba Giglia, Marketing Manager, Adomni; Leslie Lee, VP Marketing, Vistar; Traci Lorio, Location Data Manager, Media & Ad Tech, HERE Technologies; Maureen McCloskey, Managing Director, Kinetic US; Shannon Montoya, Senior Director, Verizon Media; Rosie O’Meara, SVP of Platform, GroundTruth; Joni Schmeichel, OOH Strategic Marketing Manager, Daktronics; Amanda Sheplee, Business Development Leader, Outfront Media; Marci Weisler, Chief Commercial Officer, Vengo Labs; and Irina Zeltster, President, Talon Outdoor.

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