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New Features For @ReflectSystems

Reflect Systems has announced a myriad of new features that will help businesses better develop and manage their digital signage strategies driven by the creation of fresh and engaging content.

Lee Summers, CEO at Reflect said “This will be a game-changer for companies looking to improve their digital communications. For most organisations, managing a signage network can be overwhelming, and developing and refreshing content in a timely manner has been a challenge. Xperience provides a way to ensure a high degree of content quality that is brand-right, and makes it easy for anyone to create and publish content—from the corporate communications team to associates at individual locations.”

Reflect Xperience is a reimagined way to access and use ReflectView, Reflect’s premiere platform for enterprise-class digital signage. Xperience is powered by an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that can be accessed anywhere from a web browser. It provides users a simplified approach for creating and publishing locally relevant content, while maintaining centralized control of the overall content program.

Xperience provides an intuitive, compelling user interface with features including:

In addition to Xperience, Reflect is also debuting its Spark Framework, an application development framework that provides for the flexibility of deploying and managing interactive and dynamic, data-driven digital signage content applications. Spark provides integration and interoperability with the ReflectView platform, and applications can be created using standards-based HTML and JavaScript. Reflect customers can now create and deploy their own application, created internally or with developers and agencies, opening up the flexibility of industry-standard apps along with the enterprise-level support of ReflectView to easily distribute, manage, and update these apps as simply as changing other content.

The Spark Framework will provide:

Reflect is also announcing new features and functionality for BrightSign digital signage media players. Network migration and onboarding utilities provide support for easily configuring and adding BrightSign players to a ReflectView-powered network. Also, ReflectView now includes support for importing, distributing, and playing content presentations developed using BrightAuthor. This allows for BrightSign customers and partners to leverage their BrightAuthor presentations on Reflect-powered systems.

Included in Reflect’s Winter 2021 release is a new feature for AdLogic, Reflect’s digital signage advertising automation platform, that will help users better manage and optimize their available advertising inventory. The new inventory management capabilities will offer customers quick access to advertising inventory insights that highlight available space more efficiently than was previously possible.