Front Street, @OutfrontMediaUS’s Rebirth of QR Codes

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In the latest Outfront Media Front Street YouTube episode their VP, Head of Digital Creative, Chad Shackelford discusses how QR codes have made a comeback as consumers rely on touchless interactions. He told us “Today, marketers have a unique opportunity to engage and excite customers through the QR code”.

First released in 2020, the platform has launched six different category channels with over 21 episodes that include various content types and themes to help earn the attention of commuters and audiences. Content experiences through engagement, contextual relevance, and editorial content provide commuters an exciting journey as they move throughout NYC transit systems and traveling along roadside digital billboards across the country.

Front Street is billed as “A Place Where Out Of Home Learning Happens Fast” and is currently releasing new episodes each week that cover different topics, techniques, and discussions happening in the OOH industry. You can see all of the Front Street episodes with one click here.

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