OUTFRONT Media Displays ‘HERstory’ Campaign

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE:OUT) kicked off International Women’s Day and will continue to celebrate all month long by showcasing reimagined paper doll designs of women in diverse hobbies, careers, and interests emphasizing that women are unique, unstoppable, and strong.

Jodi Senese, Chief Marketing Officer at OUTFRONT Media told us “We are happy to bring the Women’s History Month celebration into public view through this creative which is both whimsical and thought-provoking. Using the metaphor of paper dolls coupled with the ‘we’re not playing’ tagline provides an attention-grabbing light–hearted visual along with a serious statement of empowerment. Every woman has her own ‘herstory’ and we are thrilled to display this campaign on highly visible displays across the country.”

Many women grew up with some form of paper dolls and the options to dress them were generally limited to different color dresses and stereotypical roles. Today, women do it all and gender is no limitation to what is possible in one’s career or personal life. Highlighting several unique characteristics of women, OUTFRONT’s ‘HERstory’ campaign reimagines what those paper dolls can be.

The creative was designed by a collaborative group of women within OUTFRONT, including female members of the creative team at OUTFRONT STUDIOS, and OUTFRONT’s Women Employee Resource Group, which provides support and resources for female employees. The campaign design recognizes the limitless qualities that make up today’s women and propels the idea that women are still making history and creating her(own)story each day.

Paper doll print outs of the campaign are available here.

You can share your own creations by tagging @OUTFRONTMEDIAUSA on Instagram.

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