Michael Maas Joins @VengoLabs As Chairman of the Board

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Michael Maas, the CEO of AMI Entertainment Network, has joined Vengo Labs as Chairman of the Board.

Mike Maas, who led AMI’s growth to over 30,000 jukeboxes, told us “I’m thrilled to join the Vengo Board as its Chairman. The pandemic has been a challenging time for place-based businesses, and Vengo has not only survived, but has been innovative and launched exciting new features like touchless interaction. As markets re-open, we expect to see expanded interest in DOOH media and unattended retail, creating a big opportunity for the network.”

Over the last year, Vengo has launched PPE vending machines offering masks and other personal protective gear in New York MTA locations, kicked off a partnership with Nation Entertainment Network to bring DOOH screens to grocery stores, and has added contactless interaction via mobile devices across its network.

Brian Shimmerlik, Vengo’s CEO said “Mike is a great addition to the Vengo Board — he’s an accomplished executive who knows how to scale a business like Vengo, which combines the physical and digital,” noted

Today, over 1,450 Vengo digital kiosks can be found around college campuses, fitness centers, hotels, and more serving both consumer packaged goods and digital media, marrying the convenience of online shopping with instant access to sample and purchase physical products. As a proven, data-driven retail and marketing tech solution for locations and brands, Vengo is now focused on growing its footprint as well as expanding the network of marketers and DOOH advertisers it serves.

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