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Richer Footfall Data Added to @Quividi VidiReports

Quividi [1], the pioneer and World’s number 1 audience and campaign intelligence platform for DOOH and Digital Signage, with 600+ customers analysing billions of shoppers every month, across tens of thousands of screens has released a new upgrade of its breakthrough audience measurement platform, VidiReports.


The enhanced version, VidiReports 7.5, adds a real-time body count feature, enabling long-range people counting and much richer footfall data.

The body count feature enables a more comprehensive real-time footfall measurement, as audiences now are detected as far as 40 meters away, with a 95% precision. This is particularly relevant for the measurement of large indoor screens such as the ones deployed in malls, airports, train stations, stores, as well as outdoor screens and downtown billboards.

Olivier Duizabo, President Quividi told us “Quividi has always been passionate about providing absolute and precise audience data for DOOH and Retail, VidiReports 7.5 is another step towards it. With its modular architecture, our platform is the only one in the market that provides users with the ability to run, at the same time and at scale, a face detection solution and a body count solution.”

Quividi strives to help marketers and network operators understand their audiences and power customer engagement with data-driven contextualized communication. New VidiReports features will be added soon to make it the most complete audience measurement platform for any environment and any type of screen.