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National CineMedia President Cliff Marks to Retire

National CineMedia, Inc. [1] (NASDAQ: NCMI) the managing member and owner of 48.1% of National CineMedia, LLC the largest cinema advertising network in the U.S., announced this week that President Clifford (Cliff) E. Marks is retiring as of July 1, 2021.

[2]He will continue working with NCM on major new initiatives, corporate development, and affiliate partnerships as a consultant in a multi-year agreement through his new strategic media and marketing company, CMarksCo, LLC.

As part of the company’s established succession plan, Scott Felenstein, NCM’s current Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer, is stepping up to head the cinema advertising leader’s sales strategy and has been promoted to President, Sales, Marketing & Partnerships.

Mike Rosen, NCM’s Senior Vice President of East Coast Sales, will now take over Felenstein’s original role and has been promoted to Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer.

NCM CEO Tom Lesinski said, “Scott has been successfully leading our sales team to new heights as CRO for the past four years, and he was hand-picked by Cliff as his trusted successor and is ideal to take over the reins to lead NCM’s Sales and Marketing organization. With a strong summer movie season anticipated on the heels of a great Memorial Day at the box office, both Scott and Mike are already highly engaged in driving revenue and were instrumental in helping get NCM through the most difficult time in our industry to emerge as an even stronger, more diverse media company. As the availability of quality video GRPs in the ad marketplace continues to decline, Scott and Mike will continue to lead the charge to help marketers reach national movie audiences at scale on the big screen and beyond. NCM is in great hands.”

Tom added “Cliff has been the champion of cinema advertising in the U.S. from the beginning and has been instrumental in turning it into the extremely successful premium video medium it is today. He has helped countless brands harness the storytelling power of the big screen to reach young, diverse, cord-cutting movie audiences, and built NCM into the largest cinema advertising network in the world. He has always said he wanted to retire early, but anyone who knows Cliff knows that he loves this business and is not the type to sit still, so I am thrilled that he will continue to have an active advisor role with NCM. I am grateful for his many contributions to NCM, I look forward to continuing working with him as a partner as we grow our business and expand our business verticals.”

Cliff is a 19-year veteran with NCM, joining from ESPN and was an original member of the leadership team in 2002, when it was then known as Regal CineMedia Corporation. He was the visionary behind the creation of NCM’s groundbreaking movie pre-show, The 2wenty, (which evolved to become FirstLook, and now, Noovie) — the first to combine entertainment content and advertising that he termed ‘Promotainment’ on the big screen in the U.S. — turning cinema into a powerful sight-sound-and-motion medium. He is most notably acknowledged as the force behind transitioning the Cinema medium into the TV/Video marketplace as a premium video option for brands.