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Cisco’s Webcast Last Week

Last week’s Webcast from Cisco [1] was a little disappointing and the announcements made during it were slightly over shadowed by other events in the industry – surely not least the DailyDOOH exclusives, Ed

Cisco’s announcement of DMS 5.0 for example seemed to receive little acknowledgement within the industry. Beyond DigitalSignageToday [2] that picked it up we have seen little coverage elsewhere.

It’s a bit like “Scala to announce InfoChannel 5 Release 3 at InfoComm” [3] – who really cares? Whatever the ‘new features’ available – gradual software improvements from all the global / world leaders in digital signage software (and my don’t there seem to be a hell of a lot of them) are ten a penny and shouldn’t necessarily grab the headlines.

We took a few things away from the Cisco webcast…

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#1 Comment By In-Store Marketer On 16 June 2008 @ 20:24 @892

I always wonder, when you solve a software problem with hardware, how many boxes do you need? Do you need WAFS, ACNS, and MP4400; or is there more? If I buy these expensive proprietary boxes, do I need to replace them every three years?