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Marketing Point de Vente (Paris)

[1]France may not have its very own DOOH show yet, but this year there are two big trade fairs that aim to cover the sector; VISCOM Paris [1] in September and Marketing at Retail [2] March 30th, 31st March and 1st April 2010 at Pavilion 4 at the Porte de Versailles.

Both claim 15,000 m² of exhibition space, 200+ exhibitors (of which 15% digital*) and 15,000 visitors and so there is not much to choose from really…

Viscom tends to be about communication, which in reality often means endless stands of oversized digital printing machines churning out massive analogue posters.

MPV (as its known to its friends) is clearly about POS, which in reality turns out to have lots of sales promotion companies, packaging designers and shop-fitters and its own smattering of oversized printing machines.

So not much to choose from really…

Depends a bit if you think of DOOH as a media or a point-of-sales aid – since it can be both, there’s a case to be made for both shows.

AND since it is still seriously underdeveloped in France, then any event that can bring people in to learn about what digital screen networks can do for you is clearly worth supporting. After that, you choose your own camp, or visit both just to be sure!

‘Marketing at Retail’ claims to be the show for ‘all marketing solutions dedicated to retail; with 4 expertise centres covering all marketing at retail solutions: –

  1. POP advertising – Field Marketing
    POP advertising, merchandising, sales promotion, commercial presentation organisation, sensory marketing, mobile marketing, bags and presentation boxes, displays shelves, testers
  2. Digital Signage – POP Interactive Technologies
    Screens, interactive terminals, smart displays panels, consultancy, software solutions, contents, control, installation, maintenance, mobile solutions
  3. Shop Fitting – Retail design
    Design agencies, store fitting, window dressing, display stands, materials, commercial furniture
  4. Materials and components
    Raw materials, lighting, LEDs, floors

So now do you get the picture?   

Good that puts us in our place. 

Actually, I haven’t told you all.

In fact, MPV is itself just one of 4 co-hosted events :

  1. MD Expo
  2. E-retail
  3. Marketing At Retail (MPV)
  4. Marketing and Promotional Products

All brought together under the banner of “Communication and Marketing Days” which claims 700 exhibiting companies and 20 000 visitors.

I’m currently in discussions with a couple of potential partners in my new venture of renting out golf carts to weary delegates….

*last year VISCOM stretched this definition just a bit…. [3]