Free Wireless At St Pancras

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This is how it should be!!! FREE wi-fi at St Pancras train station, London courtesy of Cityspace!!!!

As frequent readers will know, we feel strongly that Wi-Fi (Internet) access should be free and regularly suggest that digital billboards and the such like should offer it as a matter of course.

Titan et all you have a missed a trick and a valuable promotional / PR / CSR trick!!!

Cityspace wireless network goes lives at St Pancras International

Europe’s showcase interchange boasts UK’s first free broadband internet station service

London, 4th August 2008 – Cityspace today announces that the wireless broadband network at St Pancras International is now live, enabling the 45 million people who travel through the station every year to take advantage of fast, free internet access throughout the station.

Covering approximately 2km², the showcase project sees two floors of the £800m redeveloped St Pancras International flooded with Wi-Fi, enabling passengers and visitors to enjoy high speed connectivity as well as a range of useful travel and information services on their mobile devices.

“St Pancras International is leading the way in creating a new experience in rail travel for the 21st Century,” said Stations Marketing Manager, Dominique Didinal.

“This station is more than a place to catch a train; it’s a state of the art destination station. With over 50 restaurants, bars and shops, and with the launch of our new free Wi-Fi service, the entire customer experience is underpinned by superior technology and service excellence. St Pancras International really is the perfect place to meet, browse, refuel and now – go online!”

Having installed the network, Cityspace will manage the service on behalf of LCSP. “Cityspace is focused on transforming the passenger experience through real-time information delivered at the point of need. With St Pancras International, we aim to do just that whilst making the service totally integrated into the lifestyle feel of one of Europe’s busiest passenger hubs.”

The network will facilitate staff and operational functions within the station by this autumn

Seriously, Cityspace (and St Pancras) we take our hats off to you for doing this. FANTASTIC.

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