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Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Regular readers will know that every so often we like to remind folks we are a ‘blog’ – often in the true sense of the word and what better way than to simply report some gossip and hearsay and even do a who’s hot and who’s not in terms of digital signage software in Europe at the moment?

July saw us meet up with a couple of west coast US hardware folks who were over, testing the waters in the UK and together with them here’s what we heard and saw-with-our-own-eyes talking to a wide variety of VARs, system integrators and key influencers…

The UK, like all geographical markets, is over-crowded with digital signage software solutions. These are of course just a few but it’s interesting to us that just in general chit-chat these cropped up.

Either way it’s all useful data for #DSTop10 [11] that we will start working on again in September.

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3 Comments To "Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?"

#1 Comment By Jason Cremins On 29 July 2010 @ 17:36 @775

Thanks for the HOT vote and update on the #DSTop10. Onwards and upwards!

#2 Comment By I Cladius On 29 July 2010 @ 17:42 @779

Scala’s arrogance goes back to the days when they were one of the only players in the market and the ridiculous Fabian was at the helm. He allowed a culture of arrogance to prevail and it showed through all of the NL people. Essentially they ran a fifedom and did as they bloody well pleased. This ran through the ranks from Fabian to this channel manager Bodenstedt. Only the UK technical engineer Clive remained above the fray. When Fabian was asked to pursue his career elsewhere, CEO Bucas slowly inculcated a change of culture that made things better. Call them old school but a certain swaggering arrogance still prevails. Now that the market is awash with competition they must reposition again and this is evident in the new lower priced EMEA pricing they launched in June. The fact is the market caught up with Scala. They created DS and awareness of what was possible. Sadly they only sell on history and a slightly myopic vision of their true size. Hats off to Bucas and Elizaga for turning the business around. New vision is now needed and the arrogance must be curtailed. Too many competitors floating around to allow it.

#3 Comment By Jules Verne On 29 July 2010 @ 18:01 @792

Not a bad pocket size history by I Claudius. There is more to tell. Scala became not so hot with an inflexible VAR channel strategy and by complicating the simple. The arrogance was and still is breathtaking with a few rare exceptions. The first word in the Scala lexicon was and remains NO. They lost some great distributors through stupidity (LCS France) a fine example and many other VARS across EMEA. Some compare them to the British childrens series : Teletubbies where a lead role is called Lala. Watching a few clips of Lala is a mirror for Scala. Mind you Barry and Peter at Beaver have weathered the storm well with Scala and are a success story.