OpenSplash Steering Group

Andrew Neale

We’ve had tremendous interest from network owners, software vendors and perhaps most of all from screen manufacturers (no surprise there then, Ed) in the OpenSplash initiative.

I believe Adrian has already made it public that the aim was to have a dozen or so ‘demonstrations’ running at #ScreenMediaExpo in May in London and it looks like we are on track for that to happen.

The initiative has now established a ‘steering group’ that will oversee the code changes and provide technical guidance for the project.

The steering group members are:

Howard Smith, Dynamax
Jorge Garcia de Bustos, DailyDOOH
Richard Markiewicz, Ayuda Media Systems
David Street, signagelive
Bryan Crotaz, Silver Curve
Francois Hechme, Starmount Systems

We’ll have more updates when Bryan and I have put the code up onto LaunchPad and it’s ready for download.

5 Responses to “OpenSplash Steering Group”

  1. Howard Smith Says:

    On behalf of Dynamax we are honoured to be part of what will be a ground breaking moment in our industry. As we all know standards drive adoption.

  2. Jason Cremins Says:

    Looking forward to supporting the OpenSplash player initiative and encouraging the adoption of open standards throughout the digital signage and digital OOH industry.

  3. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    Silver Curve and I are excited to be part of this – I’m looking forward to helping us move this forward and keeping the quality high. I’ve been designing signage players for well over a decade now and I’m personally thrilled to be able to share some of the experience I’ve gained.

  4. Bill Jones Says:

    So Jason, what happens to your business when this idiot decides to make Opensplash server and release it for free? Nice guy this Adrian.

  5. Phil Says:

    I am also eager to see what the new player looks like and what it does. Iv spent the last 5 years enhancing, optimising and fixing Bryan’s player 🙂

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