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Brand Marketer’s Guide To Mobile Web And Apps

The Mobile Marketing Association [1] has just published Getting Started – A Brand Marketer’s Guide to the Mobile Web and Mobile Apps: Not an Either/or Proposition.

[2]Available as a free download, this white paper is designed to provide brands, agencies and other marketing professionals with a concise, hands-on guide for creating, measuring and monetizing campaigns that feature mobile apps and mobile websites.

The Guide shows marketers how they can combine mobile apps and the mobile web to create campaigns that are more effective and have greater reach than if they used only one of the channels. Today, more than 34% of U.S. mobile phone owners use mobile apps, and more than 36% use mobile browsers.

The 14-page white paper covers topics such as:

Kathryn Koegel, a media and marketing consultant, is the author.

“As the rise of the mobile web grows and the development and usage of mobile apps continues unabated, we want to give the brand marketer a framework for debate and discussions,” says Michael Becker, MMA managing director, North America. “As the title indicates, savvy marketers understand that the mobile web and mobile apps aren’t an either-or choice.”