#ibc11 CoolSign Shows Kodak Frames

Geny Caloisi

Already showcased at InfoComm 2011 in Orlando this year, Haivision is presenting the CoolSign/Kodak Digital Signage solution at this year’s #IBC11, held in Amsterdam in September.

The JV1000 and JV700 Digital Frames can be used to deliver scheduled content to any retail queue or checkout within franchises, to hotel guests, across campuses, and anywhere Wi-Fi is available.

When we saw the product at InfoComm, one of the key facts that was highlighted was it’s ‘Kodak quality’, by which they mean the image and colour fidelity to the original. But this is not print, therefore, the image and colours were as good as any HD display and on a small picture frame we figure is surely NOT that difficult to achieve.

The Kodak name if the offer is branded correctly should help shift some product but there is a lot of competition in the marketplace from loads of smaller players but especially we think from Scala’s SignChannel

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