What A Waste Of USD 20,000

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A long, long time ago back in March 2008 we reported that the domain name DigitalSignage.com, which had seen some furious bidding at auction was sold for USD 20,000 to Nate Nead.

Mr Nead had global ambitions for the domain but he attracted attention from us with his fingers (so to speak) in the cookie jar – Lionel Tepper (then Digital Signage Universe, now ScreenMedia Daily of course) published a guest contribution on our site, see ‘A Push For Transparency And Open Dialogue‘ and we wrote, among other posts ‘Digitalsignage.com And Helius The Plot Thickens‘ detailing all sorts of misdeeds. misrepresentation and total lack of any sort of ethics.

Anyway said digitalsignage.com becoming an ‘industry portal’ never happened and even having an ‘open and honest’ RFP system (see the posts lined to above before believing that line) couldn’t help them make a business from the domain name.

Clicking on digitalsignage.com now takes you straight to deploid.com/signage a company involved in the initial scandal and owned also somehow by the Nead brothers.

2 Responses to “What A Waste Of USD 20,000”

  1. Mutt Romney Says:

    Just when we thought we’d never see weasel boy’s name again. His schizophrenic ramblings combined with lack of ethics are legendary. His talents, alas, are not. Yet another of the fringe garbage attracted to this space. With him marginalized, only another dozen or two to go…

  2. LCD advertising Says:

    It was not all goste, at least it gets a good ranking in search enginfor digital signage related searchsocs

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