“Banesto TV” arranca en España con la colaboracion de AS Video y Scala

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Friday, July 20, 2007 22:48

Two years ago I helped win some screen network business with Cisco in Portugal with Caixa Geral de Depositos – CGD is the 2nd largest retail bank in Portugal.

At that time, we were competing against Portugal Telecom; who associated

1. banks with money (correct)
2. money with stocks (perhaps)

…and then proceeded to propose to the customer that the content on their new digital screens should contain stock prices and weather information!!

Needless to say the pitch was won by the folks (Cisco + Brightspace Media + Matruska) who demonstrated that the screens could be used for:-

– Product Marketing (take some of the paper based literature / leaflets in the bank and animate them and make them come alive on screen)

– Tactical Marketing (day parting, local promotions, last minute messages)

– Corporate Social Responsibility (who, apart from the fast food industry and the behemoth retailers and grocers is hated more than banks?)

– Brand Marketing (re-purpose some of that above the line TV material that you spend 100’s Millions on each year)

“Banesto TV” which has just launched in Spain with the help of AS Video and Scala seems to have done quite a good job with the content (apart from the last bit below) – according to their press release: –

“AS Video created dynamic content to capture the attention of Banesto’s customers, including product offerings, services, corporate information, and RSS feeds with stock market and weather updates”

A Spanish colleague of mine who has seen one of the installations in Madrid says he thinks we may be able to forgive them (at least a little) as, and I quote, “the deployment looks very good and is in keeping with the bank’s image”.

Banco Español de Crédito, S.A. is part of the Grupo Santander (therefore Banesto is similar to say, the Abbey Group in the UK), who are well known for their excellent IT systems and the demands they make on their technology suppliers. A win with Grupo Santander is worth a lot of ‘brownie points’ in the banking world.

There are a lot of retail banking initiatives happening in the digital signage world at the moment. In Spain alone there are several others…

La Caixa is a ‘savings bank’ (in the UK they would be a sort-of Building Society or a co-operative – like a Nationwide Building Society, in France the equivalent would be Caisses d’Epargne or in Germany a Sparkassen), and are, I understand, looking at a 1,000+ rollout. It seems all but certain that Fujitsu have won that contract.

This is not the first impressive retail banking win for Scala, going as it does, alongside the largest retail banking screen network rollout in Europe, that of Rabobank in the Netherlands,

Expect to see half a dozen 1,000+ venue retail bank networks in the next 12 months.

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