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ComQi’s New Sales People

The one salesperson we knew from the rumour we posted on Friday about ComQi’s new sales hires was Wendy Bosley (detailed briefly here Monday [1]). She’s joined by Todd Wulfert [2] and Art Williams.

All three will be on hand this week at ComQi’s CETW Booth #417, along with Sharon Sonesh who recently also joined as ComQi’s Sales & Marketing Associate.

For France sales, Catherine Berriat joined a few months ago as we reported here [3].

We said in our post on Friday [4] that ComQi had made quite a few new hires and we are reliably informed that on the development front, they have hired two guys in Jerusalem and two also in Toronto.

They also join two folks in QA and two in Project Management who joined unannounced a few months ago.