AOpen Deny Internal Deal With Dynasign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Rumours from the US this week from disgruntled software vendors was that AOpen are pushing Dynasign based systems that they (AOpen) will be managing with their own staff internally.

The marketing folks from AOpen tell us this is definitely not the case. Angela Tang, AOpen’s Marketing Manager in North America tells us “That is not true. We have bundled promotions with Dynasign and some other software companies that we are currently promoting as our turnkey solutions”

At first we thought this also might be something to do with their recent OpenService announcement but again Angela tells us “As for OpenService, that is another new offering that we announced earlier this year as our total digital signage solution that is a totally white labeled solution”

What we do know is that the US has started offering AOpen SolutiON an all-in-one box system that we first heard about at their Key Partner Event back in October and which eagle eyed readers have pointed out is available on Amazon, billed as ‘AOpen SolutiON Dynasign, TK7000DL, Digital media player with Software

We understand that all of this means that they work closely with their selected partners BUT that is slightly different to their ‘internal’ staff managing networks on clients behalf which is what a number of software vendors have told us they have heard.

Whether AOpen’s software partners who aren’t included in this offering (yet still offer / recommend / sell the AOpen hardware platform) need to be worried (well the truth is, what we hear they are worried) is another matter?

If there is any truth in this internal managing of the Dynasign solution then we think it would be very foolish of AOpen, it’s surely one sure fire way to lose a lot of customers quickly as their existing software partners would surely move to recommend other hardware instead?

I doubt that we have heard the last of this.

5 Responses to “AOpen Deny Internal Deal With Dynasign”

  1. Gabrielle Offringa Says:

    Luckily not all rumours are true 😉

  2. Jessica Huang Says:

    I saw this bundle offered on Amazon:

  3. Henry Nielsen Says:

    Go to and search for ‘AOpen Solution’. You will see 3 SolutiON packages – one with DynaSign, one with C-Sign (C-Nario), and one with iSign. All three of these turnkey solutions were released this fall at about the same time.

  4. Ken Goldberg Says:



  5. Agnes Agneau Says:

    And they partner with NDS from Holland too for their PADS solution

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