IAdea HTML5 Device Support From signagelive

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

signagelive are we believe the first software company to announce support for the new range of IAdea HTML5 and IPTV capable digital signage devices announced earlier this week.

signagelive has worked closely with IAdea over several months to develop native support for the new range of players and displays with integrated players, which offer HTML5 and IPTV streaming support, in addition to still image and video content.

Commenting on the collaboration, Rex Chen – VP of Sales and Marketing for IAdea told us “IAdea is excited to partner with signagelive to bring great digital signage management features to IAdea’s new HTML5 platform. We believe this combination will enable many large-scale projects including hospitality and electronic menu applications. From the success we had in 2011 we are confident the added features to support dynamic content will greatly expand our market with signagelive.”

The IAdea HTML5 and IPTV capable devices will be supported within signagelive through an upgrade to the current Virtual Player license, at no additional cost.

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