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Orion Equity Holdings Buys RMG’s Fitness Network

We don’t have the details yet, but we understand that Orion Equity Holdings PLC [1] has purchased the Fitness network from RMG Networks [2], San Francisco.

Orion Equity Holdings is an Isle of Man company, publicly listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Orion was established to be a holding company for wholly-owned subsidiaries focused on the digital media sector. The common thread connecting each subsidiary is a common focus on real-time content delivery paired with proactive e-commerce. Orion’s strategic focus is geared towards building a prominent, multifaceted digital media company which marries content consumption with retail consumption.

It currently operates the The Salon Network [3] in over 200 high-end salons in the US, streaming five channels of salon oriented content in real-time. It also has the Digital Attractions and Activities Guide, geared towards the travel and tourism industry.

Watch this space for further details.