Beall’s Selects VeriFone Multimedia Payment System

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We noticed that VeriFone Systems Inc. was awarded a contract to supply the Beall’s Inc., retail chain with the recently introduced MX 915, VeriFone’s advanced payment and media-enabled solutions system in a space-saving form factor.

Beall’s also will be complementing the MX 915 with VeriFone HQ, an advanced estate management solution allowing it to easily keep stores up to date with evolving payment and mobile solutions.

Although it doesn’t come under his division, we asked Jason Gross, director of strategy and marketing, Verifone Media Solutions, about the arrangement because we wondered whether this was a new area of business for VeriFone and we had noticed that there is a screen on this new unit.

“No, we’ve already been in retail,” says Gross. “We currently have systems in 70% of the major retailers in the US. But this marks an upgraded system, although there are no plans to use the screen for advertising at this time.”

However, there is a strategy to bring VeriFone digital network into multilane retail – and we can apparently expect to see more implementation in the future.

Introduced in January, the MX 915 is one of the first models in the new customer-facing MX 900 series, with a brilliant 4.3″ color display, powerful processor and generous memory. MX 900 Series systems provide the broadest compatibility available with rapidly evolving mobile/NFC wallets, EMV smartcards, and alternative payment methods, and easily adapt as more payment methods are introduced.

“This upgrade is a quantum leap in media quality and functionality,” says Gross.

“This represents evidence of an ongoing strategy to bring media and media tools to multilane retail throughout Verifone’s global custom footprint.”

“We were delighted with MX 915 and the alignment with our store systems modernization project to provide flexible payment solutions to our family of Outlet stores,” says Dave , senior vice-president and CIO. “As a customer facing device, we are pleased with the new sleek lines of the device and the crisp color display. From the technical perspective, this solution sets the framework for Beall’s to readily adapt to future mobile/NFC and EMV supporting a full complement of payment transactions. Additionally, Beall’s will be taking advantage of the VeriFone HQ software to facilitate our management of these devices.”

Beall’s Inc. is the parent company of Beall’s Department Stores Inc, Beall’s Outlet Stores Inc., and Burke’s Outlet Stores LLC. The corporation, through its subsidiaries, operates over 530 retail store sites in states across the Sun Belt, from Florida to California.

“Beall’s recognizes that multimedia-enabled payment solutions create intelligent interaction between retailers and consumers,” says Jennifer Miles, VeriFone executive vice-president, North America. “With VeriFone’s MX 900 series, retailers are prepared for the new era of NFC apps and EMV payments and can push relevant content to consumers on the fly, accept mobile wallets, offer digital couponing and loyalty programs, and connect with location-based social media.”

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