BF Group (Partly) At ISE…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The smaller street enclosure folks wanting to play DOOH just don’t do themselves any favours, do they? Whether it be vertigo, iblink, GDS, BF group or others – getting them to show off to the industry some of the great things that they have been doing is like trying to get the proverbial blood out of a stone.

This morning we received a press release from BF Group, in which, to much fanfare, they announced ‘Unique, eye catching Pod travels to Amsterdam‘.

All good we thought, until on further investigation it turns out that they are simply sticking one of the CBS Outdoor Pods that you can go see for yourself at Westfield Mall, London on the Harris Corporation stand.

Why on the Harris stand I hear you ask? Well it seems that the BF Group in their infinite wisdom may well have chosen Harris as a software partner going forward. Yes, that will be the Harris Corp. that seems to appear at every signage and AV show imaginable yet outside the Casino market seems to have no discernible installs anywhere!

If the street enclosure folks want to do more in DOOH then they need to start coming out of their shell a little more – we would expect to see Pods, bus shelters etc. at the shows this year AND playing relevant, inspiring content. The first one of these companies to do so properly could win some free advertising with us!!

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  1. Francis Says:

    “is like trying to get the proverbial blood out of a stone.” I could not agree more – well put. At least you get an A for effort

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